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Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Numerology/Astrology for 1/21/17

1/21/17 is the number 5. With the number 5 is a physical body number. With this number, it is a moment to “get real”, get in your body, and look for the physical answers rather than the philosophical ones. We live in this world and body is the tool that allows our soul to have this experience. It is through the power of creative manifestation that we are learning how our thoughts eventually move into actions. Within each person is a spark of creative potential and it is what we do with that spark that is important in the world. There have been many great people that have touched and helped others in significant ways that you have never heard of. That is because giving from your heart is not about acknowledgment but about action because deep in your soul you know it is the right thing to do. We are now in a time when you cannot expect external laws and sources to mandate appropriate action. That action is going to have to come from your deepest core. You move because you feel compelled to. You move because your life has a personal mandate. And you have to follow that mandate because you refuse to lose your soul’s purpose, direction, and calling in this life. But first you have to feel the truth of who you are. You have to allow the awareness of your depth to dictate direction. Only through that understanding is movement organic and in alignment with your purpose. You can just exist in a numb state or you can discover what it takes for you to thrive. When you are doing what you are deeply spiritually called to do then your life takes on a type of meaning and purpose that changes how you see the world and how you interact in that world. The Scorpio Moon brings out a deep type of intensity today. There is a draw to make your actions deliberate, strategic, perceptive, and emotional. The Moon is in a harmonious aspect with Venus, Mars, Pluto, and Chiron which suggests many opportunities to express yourself and stimulate your desire for intimacy. You are feeling more emotionally present than you have in a while so use that in a constructive way today. While the Aquarius Sun and Scorpio Moon clash on a temperamental level, the intense square aspect is past, and so you might find it easier to satisfy both your need for intimacy and your desire for impartiality. Regardless it is all about authenticity. If you need to have deep conversations with people, Friday is the day to go to those emotional depths.

~Suzanne Wagner~



“A writer is a government in exile.”

~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn~



I am so grateful that we live in a world that supports free speech more than it ever has even though some people use it in ways that intentionally cause to harm others. I am afraid that is how we have to learn in moments. But it is the philosophers and writers that have the power to calmly and profoundly awaken others to look beyond the ego and into the deeper heart of humanity. It is the voices that call to that heart, that choose to inspire and enliven, that choose to remind and show perspective, and that teach powerful tools of conscience that ultimately change the world. Yes, it is a slow process but it is a process that is more stable and grounded. Hatred is quick. Like a match being struck that can start a dangerous progression that impacts others. But it is the calming, soothing, compassionate voices of spiritual awareness that can act as water that can quench the fire of hatred and rebuild.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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