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This Week in Astrology –April 16-22, 2024

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This Week in Astrology –April 16-22, 2024

What this week holds are headlines. A powerful dance is unfolding, and this moment is set for drama on the global stage and even more … off that stage. What is happening in the audience could have greater repercussions in the long run than the performances on the stage.
The key players are Jupiter and Uranus. Both like to make an entrance. Jupiter likes to be the king coming into the event and expects respect, pomp, and ceremony. Uranus is the trickster and loves to throw a curve into the plotline. Regardless both intend to get noticed in their own unique ways. What will be difficult is to know how to plan. The intended performance is going to be “Shanghaied” and so the direction of the plot is at best confusing … and at worst chaotic. Knowing how to be prepared for this week can be daunting.
I suggest a layered approach. After all, we are participating in a grand theatrical event, so we want to look good. But we might want to have few secret weapons concealed for an emergency. Those weapons can be precise words, specific actions designed to make someone rethink their actions and choices.
What is clear is that there are certain sudden choices that will need to be made and it will set some very new balls in motion.
While the beginning of this week starts off slowly, don’t be fooled because there are forces being gathered up and we are going to need all our strength for what lies ahead.
By Friday, Mercury conjuncting Venus in the warrior sign of Aries is going to be passionate and dramatic. The precision of words is going to matter a lot. Those that use this to conflate and aggravate are not going to like the outcome.
We are in a bold and rule-breaking mood from Friday on. Mars in Pisces and sextiling Uranus in Taurus has something to do with it. We are in the mood to try new things and stretch into new places.
Saturday Jupiter and Uranus will conjunct again in Taurus and it make us rethink our rebellious nature and for some they are just done with those that want to constrict their freedoms for any reason.
Sunday is the official “Earth Day”. Time to go out and plant a tree or start preparing your garden. One way or another, find a way to appreciate Mother Earth and give thanks for this amazing life.


Tuesday April 16th starts off with Mercury retrograde will semi-sextiling Mars. While the mind gets going on many things, it also gives us a sense of direction and moves us towards our higher purpose. The key is to be honest and straightforward in our approach. The lesson today is to ask for help from others and to make your life easier not harder.
Wednesday April 17th, in the morning Venus will continue to semi-sextile Saturn, and while it is good for going out, it is not very good for long-term stability and security. So have a good time, enjoy the moment but just don’t make more out of it than it is.
This evening the Sun will continue to semi-sextile Neptune and with this increased illumination and insight, it is good to put your intuition to use by being more compassionate and perceptive to the needs of those you love. This is a lovely aspect for charities and putting us in the direction of serving humanity and nature. While it is a bit idealistic, know that at least your heart is in the right place and learning to trust our gut in order to move towards those goals is a good thing.
Thursday April 18th, the Moon shifts out of boisterous Leo and into meticulous Virgo. It is time to make a list and check it twice. There are many details that are to be attended to and having lists will make them all move towards a better reality.
Friday April 19th, Mercury is still retrograde, and it is still conjuncting Venus. It is a tender day that can be very touching if you let out your appreciative and romantic side. Pick up some flowers that mean something to another. Take the one you love to dinner. Reach out to someone from your past and allow the conversation to just be fun and spontaneous. We need others and we need each other today. Make it special.
The Sun goes into Taurus and connections that are comforting is what is going to help us get though the next few days.
Jupiter and Mars continue to also sextile and this will last till the 23rd. Whatever is your agenda, now has added passion and energy. You feel more courageous and daring and “No!” is not an option. Fortune favors the bold. The winds are in your favor and if you are willing to get up and going, chances are good that it will get done.
Saturday April 20th, Uranus and Jupiter conjunct until May 5th and so expect the unexpected. While I want this to be all positive, given the current world situations, I am unfortunately looking for some negatives to fall as well. Regardless, take charge of yourself and your independence might be just the thing to help you expand your awareness into uncharted domains. There are new and very rare opportunities right out there if you are willing to do what it takes to get them done. Keep your eyes and mind open. Don’t say, “No” without thinking about things thoroughly.
This evening the Moon moves out of meticulous Virgo and into the fair-minded sign of Libra.
Sunday, April 21st, Pluto will square the Sun in Taurus and we seem to want to have more control over our reality. Expect some to instead use this as an opportunity to do a powerplay that intentionally leads to crisis and major conflicts. You have more insight than you might want under these circumstances and what is important is to use it wisely rather than reactively. Some feel very threatened and plan on taking it out on others. A few seem to be in a retaliatory mood. Best to not agitate or aggravate.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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