November 30, 2018

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/18- Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/18

12/1/18 is the number 6. As the month shifts to the beginning of December, the numerology again, takes us backward to go forward. It is a time of reflection and seeking the deeper inner answer over the easy answers. Things are always more complicated than they seem and there is always more to any story. It takes patience and persistence to sit with a pattern or a person to allow yourself to go deeper and feel beyond your known into the well of the vast unknown. There are no fixed answers. There are only the answers you have uncovered with this level of awareness at this time. Once you realize that you are never done growing and you are never done evolving, then you will stress less about the continued poking of the universe for you to keep on and to keep up with the changing tides and circumstances.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

December Overview

December holds a calming effect after a chaotic year. Mars is in Pisces all month (which is not its favorite spot), but it does create a bit of the “peaceful warrior” tone. Mercury will continue to be retrograde until the New Moon on the 6th. Fortunately, between now and then there are not any big challenges-just the normal communications breakdown and adaptability annoyances. If you have strong Mercury, Gemini, or Virgo in your chart, I would avoid purchasing electrical or technology things until after the 6th. Today Mercury backs out of Sagittarius, and now moves into the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio. Expect your communications to go deeper into those feelings you have been avoiding. Mercury will go back into Sagittarius on the 12th. Just in time for a more celebratory mood for the Holidays. Loving Venus makes a harmonious trine to compassionate Neptune at winter solstice. That is a nice and gentle energy. There is a minor mental and/or transportation challenge on Christmas Eve, but the Moon in heart-opening Leo on Christmas Day makes everything feel all right. New Year’s Eve includes an emotionally intense Scorpio Moon with aggressive Mars moving into physical Aries will get everyone moving. Let’s just say, New Year’s Eve starts off with a Bang!

The Moon moves into social Libra on the 1st of December. It is a great way to begin the weekend, a great time for holiday sharing. Mercury has been retrograde, in Sagittarius since November 16th, and now moves backwards into Scorpio. Communicate on deep and vulnerable levels with those in your inner circle. Sex, death and money tend to be the Scorpio topics. With Mercury in Scorpio, you’re thinking is investigative, potentially suspicious and skeptical. Just remember that feeling that does not necessarily make it so. Expect to reassess certain relationships in your life, looking beyond the obvious into the sublime. Sensitivity is high for everyone so be aware and tune your emotional “radar” not towards negativity but towards awareness. Mercury retrogrades arrive just in time to help us see into the past for the information that we might be missing.

This evening expect to have a bit of an “I’m tired” feeling, as the Moon makes a challenge to Saturn. If you want to get your exercise done, earlier in the day and afternoon will be better.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Life is like riding a bicycle.
To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
~Albert Einstein~



People think that you cannot move until you have inspiration.
While that sometimes happens, I often find that I am in the middle of my “work”, and then it hits. That moment of clarity and that brilliant idea becomes like a still point in the normal “routine” chaos of my work day. Waiting for the answers does not always precipitate clarity and knowing. Often you have to go on with your day and flow from the place of acceptance. In that accepting and calmer state of mind where you are not striving, the answers can come through. I have said to many teachers that if I am supposed to be enlightened in this lifetime, then it will not matter where I am or what the circumstances are. You can see such things in the astrology and when the moment happens, it happens. When things align you find that there are external spiritual forces that can and will break through that last bit of resistance and help you manifest the inspiration and clarity you are seeking. Of course, it helps to seek patterns and places of stillness and to learn discipline of the mind. Know that there are not many things you can take with you to the “other” side but the things you learn and the experiences you allow yourself, do carry forward through lifetimes. There are many moments in this life, that something happens and I know the perfect thing to do. Even if I have not done it before. Some part of me knows how do get through this moment effortlessly. That, I believe, is the wisdom that I am carrying from other times into this one. Each one of you have that same experience. Your only job now is to give yourself the greatest gift. The gift of as many experiences as possible so that you can continue to expand that library of information that you will need as you continue your journey towards enlightenment.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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