November 30, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/1/19

12/1/19 is the number 6. As you travel back from the Thanksgiving celebration, you might need some quiet time and aloneness. Integration is more rapid when you are doing it from a place of silence and inner solitude. This is the perfect day to regroup and to come back to your rhythm and familiar patterns. While it has been a wonderful holiday it is time to get back to your own way so that you can function well.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon transits Aquarius all day. This helps you think in progressive ways and become insightful in your ability to be innovative. Just remember that happiness is not about getting your goals but the adventure in attempting the journey. Focus on the end goal but do not miss this precious moment that is happening right now.

You can always be a part of a team and also remain independent. Approach all things in a determined clarity and steady steps.

So many things are changing. Old patterns may not work as expected. Stay flexible and find new ways to do old things.

Mars and the North Node are heading towards a trine, motivating you to “go for” something. Stretch into the places that seem more comfortable. You know you need a break after all the holiday sharing.

The Moon and Mars are still squaring and that keeps people on edge. Don’t give others a reason to single you out. Passions are rising up and because of that emotions are uncomfortable and overly sensitive.

The Sun in Sagittarius sextile the Moon in Aquarius. Much is accomplished when you work together. You don’t have to do everything alone and you are not responsible for the world. Do what you can and be kind because there is no reason to be in conflict.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Happiness is not about getting your goals
but the adventure in attempting the journey.
~Suzanne Wagner~


A shaman was asked:

What is poison?

– Anything beyond what we need is poison.

It can be power, laziness, food, ego, ambition, vanity, fear, anger, or whatever.

What is fear?

– Non-acceptance of uncertainty.

If we accept uncertainty, it becomes adventure.

What is envy?

– Non-acceptance of good in the other.

If we accept good, it becomes inspiration.

What is anger?

– Non-acceptance of what is beyond our control.

If we accept, it becomes tolerance.

What is hate?

– Non-acceptance of people as they are.

If we accept unconditionally, it becomes love.

~Via Chris Youakim~

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