December 11, 2015

Numerology/Astrology for 12/12/15 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/12/15
December 12th is the number 5. I am sure you are feeling this nasty, emotionally challenging energy. You feel at the end of your rope and things just do not want to get better. It is essential to stay grounded (the number 5) and recognize that in such times there is great healing if you are willing to get down to the bottom of a problem rather than just looking at things from the surface. The culprit is this Square moving into a T Square (From December 6th) that formed between Mars (war), Uranus (rebellion), and Pluto (the process of death and rebirth). Yes, the “S**t” is hitting the fan. This has the potential to bring out the worst in you and others. This is a time when you want to lash out but be warned that what sounds okay in your head will probably come out as something awful so it might be best to keep your own counsel rather than trying to express the chaotic angry thoughts that are running around inside. In such an instance, I try to listen with objective ears to the words running in my head and often I think, “Wow, do you hear yourself?” “That voice is not what I want to put out into the world.” Know you cannot force your way through this energy. Look at the lesson you need to address and open a place inside through remaining calm for an understanding to help you grow and heal. Lessons from our past that were not fully integrated are asking for another chance to change and grow. Hatred is a useless waste of energy and that is the lesson that needs to be taught. On the positive side of the astrology, the Moon ends its transit of Sagittarius at 1:47 AM EST when it enters Capricorn. A Capricorn Moon stimulates a desire to meet your responsibilities and promotes a practical, goal-oriented approach to your day. This morning, the Moon aligns with Mercury, and later today, harmonizes with Neptune and Venus. This serves up supportive, helpful energy for communicating your needs and goals, and for accessing intuition and imagination, particularly for relationships and money or business matters. If you train your brain this energy can allow you to feel a nice sense of purpose today.
~Suzanne Wagner~

“One could say that there are three ways to get rid of anger; kill the opponent, kill yourself, or kill the anger ~ which one makes most sense to you?”
~Allan Wallace~

The season is changing and I am back in California with the (much needed) rains. Yea! I do love when it gets dark and the wet cold makes you want to curl up with a book and be under a soft blanket. As we move towards the darkest time of the year. Contemplate what you are seeding in this moment for your life next year. What do you want to manifest going forward and what are the steps that you can take now in preparation for the unfolding of your greatest gifts and deepest self? Winter is coming and that is all about preparation. Take the time to prepare things so that when you need to leap forward you are ready, willing, and able.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Image by Carlos Gutierrez – Volcano in Chile


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