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Numerology/Astrology for 12/13/18

12/13/18 is the number 9. This number attempts to dissolve ego attachments and helps your face the challenges you need to face to find your own wisdom. The number 9 assists you in looking at what areas of past karma are still impacting you negatively. Every one of us have reside from our past choices and decisions. To go for your ideals, you have to be willing to be determined and work hard towards those goals that at times seem impossible. Few people live each moment of each day, with the focus to do the right things and to consistently strive for being a better person. This number gives you that opportunity. Life is what you make of it. The maps of our astrological natal charts are a guide to self-awareness. But you fate is always in your own hands. The opportunities that are handed to you, in this life, can be gifts to yourself from other times, from other good deeds that you have given with a full heart. Your job with this number is to do things that promote forgiveness and understanding. Perfect for this time of the year. What can you to (even in a small way) to make this world a better place right now? Where could you be a secret Santa and give to someone deserving?
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Take is easy on Thursday and Friday. The Moon will be in Pisces (The Planet of spirituality, intuition, movies, romance, and my favorite, naps). The Moon makes numerous connections to other planets on both Thursday and Friday, so let yourself flow from one thing to another with a state of grace.

One of those aspects continues to pull us into a reflective and yet positive mental space. Saturn attempts to create structure in the midst of the emotionally altered mental states of Neptune. I applaud Saturn’s attempt at this. But Saturn is going to have his job cut out for him because the Jupiter Neptune Square wants to take behavior out of the chaotic and into the bizarre behavior places of exaggeration and deception. While it will make things “jolly” and the desire to indulge in the sensual pleasures of the holidays there is always a risk of taking things too far and taking on too much.

With the Moon shifting from Aquarius to Pisces in the morning, emotions deepen and so know that feelings can get hurt, so be kind. Compassion is strong, use it to help those in need.

With the Moon squaring Mercury and Jupiter there is tension in the domain of speaking out and taking a stand. You will want to understand and accept a pattern that allows for you to stand in a solid place by the end of this year. While that is going to be challenging, it is worth the effort.

Venus is in a good mood to help you bond with others over the holidays and the gestures of warmth and kindness are abundant.

Neptune and Ceres trine today, giving you the emotional support from those you love. Hearts soften, sympathy is your first go to position in dealing with others. Wonderful for the holidays. It will be easier to feel beyond yourself and into the hearts and needs of others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“There is no magic
to achievement.
It’s really about
hard work, choices,
and persistence.”
~Michelle Obama~



Driving most of yesterday, I was listening to NPR (a favorite pastime when driving), and it was one of those days when they talked about all the misery, horror, and self-deception that humanity has done to other races, cultures, and those of color. Honestly, because I am a history buff, none of it was new but compounded together, for hours of listening, it was hard to listen too. What came up for me was the question, “When will humanity stop creating suffering with those that they have deemed ‘less than’.” And what can we do to make such horror stop? Clearly, I do not have all the answers but to me the first step is education and exposure to other cultures and people. When you see others in their natural environment, the cultural gifts and unique ways of seeing things expand us and give us insights into new ways to be and connect with the world around us. Just because other cultures have different priorities does not mean that they are less smart or less than us. Comparing where you are to where another person is, is not a productive way to live your life. A shaman in the jungles of the Amazon is going to be much smarter and better at keeping you alive in that environment because his knowledge and experience in what is edible, what is poisonous, how to read the signs in nature, and how to connect to that nature and allow that wisdom to help you also. That shaman is worth his weight in gold in his environment and to him we would seem lacking, stupid, uneducated, and poorly prepared. So, it is all about what you are raised around and the priorities that that environment promotes. Stop comparing and instead start embracing the differences. That is the way to have this world find peace.
I also believe it is so important to stop the deceptive changes in our history that some are constantly attempting to do. To those who cannot accept that their ancestors might have been cruel slave owners … What your ancestors did, you are not guilty for. But you cannot create the environment for healing if you deny the truth of what your ancestors did. You cannot just make up a history to protect your feelings and how you feel about yourself. That has been going on for too long. We need facts not opinions. There are those that stridently believe in those fabricated histories and their voicing of false facts creates pain for those whose family history proves otherwise. Healing can only come from truth. Acceptance of where we self-deceive is important to finding peace. Otherwise peace will be fleeting and not founded in a solid reality that will stand the test of time.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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