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Numerology/Astrology for 12/13/19

12/13/19 is the number 10. Choice is power. Freedom is Power. The number 10 is both of those and more. Up to now, we have been given a great gift that has felt like an entitlement. All of the amazing opportunities that have come our way were there because of our luck, our ancestors, our great fortune, and our karma. But when gifts are not appreciated and honored they can easily be taken away. Certain things have to be fought for to be maintained. There will always be those that find it is in their nature to tear down things, people and situations. It is up to each of us to stand up for the things that have defined what is most important to you in this world. That is why this number is about taking the power to take action and do something. But even more important it is about being willing to start over and begin again. Every moment you can decide to start over. And that choice is more powerful than it seems at the time.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Friday the 13th the planet Mars harmonizes with Neptune in the early morning. This can make you feel either like a visionary or a space cadet. This pattern brings out the spiritual warrior in you and it is a lot of energy. But there is also sometimes, too much of a good thing. Alternative paths are influencing you and it is a great time to let things go and soften your stance over certain things from the past that cannot be changed.

A few hours later, Venus aligns with Pluto. The feminine power of Venus compensates for the driving karmic intensity of Pluto. This pattern can be quite good in business. Don’t force issues (especially in relationships) or it can bring abrupt endings. While you want to demand a lot from partnership or friendship. It is ill advised.

The Moon in Cancer is attempting to extend energy out to your friends and family. You aim for the familiar today.

Mercury and Pluto semi-square and that can make for drama. Avoid tendencies to think the worst. Stay focused to the best of your ability. Handle the obvious, stay the course, and allow others to find their clarity. Your attachment will not help them the correct choice. And that choice you want is the choice you want them to make. Life feels better and looser when you allow others to find the truth for them rather than attempt to manipulate or influence them. That does not mean to not tell the truth. Just don’t expect anyone to agree with you. Agreement is never necessary when truth is being spoken.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Once you have started living
in the essential, slowly, slowly,
many things that you used
to do before — going to the movies,
reading the novels, seeing the tv,
listening to the radio, gossiping
with people — start disappearing.
And the energy that is involved
in them becomes available
or the essential.


Don’t expect anyone to agree with you.
Agreement is never necessary
when truth is being spoken.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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