December 13, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/14/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/14/16

12/14/16 is the number 8. The number 8 brings the global grief and sadness to a new level of despair. Each of you should begin to accept that there is going to be no easy way out of this and so when you accept that our world is a divided one and is going to remain that way for the rest of your lifetime then you will have to grieve but then you will have to come up with some sort of plan and protocol to move forward regardless of the external world and those circumstances. A Sun-Venus semi-square this morning can point to more unrest and dissatisfaction that may be difficult to understand. This is a difficult time, as each side believes that they are right. We are in a time of disillusionment and despair over the projections and perspectives happening at this time. It is clear that there will be no compromise on either side. It is clear that those holding to untruths are going to tenaciously hold on to them as facts and it is clear that those holding onto facts are unwilling to fall into the delusions and distorted reality of the others. What is worse is that both sides feel as if they have the truth. This is moving towards a breaking point and regardless of the side anyone is on, this is going to cause continued damage to our world in a multitude of ways. Irritations that seem to stem from others could be the reflection of our own inner uneasiness. Do your best to take responsibility for your own upset and attempt to dive in and get to the bottom of that pain. Perhaps this is an echo from a past life. Perhaps you died in WWII at the hands of Hitler’s insanity and that is why now you are reacting so strongly about the present situation. Do what you can to love all of you first. Love all your suffering first. Love the pain you are in and learn to allow others to find their way. No one is really listening to the others and so it is only life and the unfolding circumstances that will show in the harsh light of black and white the illusions that are real and those that are not. Know and accept that this is going to be for a time a hopeless situation. You cannot fix single handedly something that is so globally broken. I know you want to look for a creative solution for your discontent now. The first step is to worry less about what others may be thinking of you. Each person right now is in a clearing out process. You are clearing out the negative people and toxic situations that have been causing more suffering. The world is going to suffer no matter what we do from this point forward. Recognize that the earth can heal itself over time but we may or may not be here to help that along. The Moon continues its transit of Gemini until 7:09 AM EST when it enters Cancer. You can feel energized and inspired creatively today, and you want to fight for something you believe in. You find it easier to assert yourself and your desires as the day advances.
~Suzanne Wagner~



There are moments
when you see the circumstances
piling up to create an accident in slow motion.
You see each piece of the puzzle
and you know that no matter what
any of the participants do
there is going to be a disaster
of some sort.
What you don’t know is
how many will die,
how many will be terribly injured,
and how many will manage to escape
the clutches of karma and destiny.
~Suzanne Wagner~



What will it take to fix something that is so broken? The answer is decades of education and generations to move that toxic anomaly out of the epigenome factors and to make a total shift that can eventually be global.

When I lived in Germany, there were older women that had survived WWII and most of them were still unwilling to admit to the atrocities of Hitler. They avoided the conversation, they did not ever go to the Concentration Camps to see the history or the museums, and they had been so indoctrinated that regardless of the truth that this monster of a person destroyed all that was near and dear to them they had been brainwashed to the point that they still clung to some of those pieces of distortion as truth.

That taught me something really frightening about the human brain and its inability to change once a piece of information is believed and accepted as fact.

So that means that regardless of any facts that are coming to anyone right now, each of you has been indoctrinated to the pieces of information that you believe and that your mind accepts because of beliefs and what you have chosen as information that is comfortable and aligned with your perceptual bubble. Because it aligns with you, you believe it to be true.

And the truth is that no one is going to shift those beliefs any time soon. Therefore we are now going to live in a very divided world for a long time. You might think that I am kidding but I am not. There will not be a complete healing in anyone’s lifetime. Now, don’t think I am fatalistic. I am not. I believe that the mind can adapt and change but it is about capacity and willingness. Everyone has some capacity but right now the willingness is completely gone.

Take a look at history and how the beliefs of slavery and the Confederacy have lived in the very genes of those descendants and that regardless of the “appropriate” social protocols, that toxic lie has persisted and continues to be subversive to the very fabric of this country over a hundred plus years later.

This points out that we have been a divided country since before the Civil War and we are still horribly divided. Only education that does not allow more separation to happen will begin to make a dent in that reality. And that education must have a clear line and protocol for everyone to accept and do within the school systems. I do not believe we will see this soon either. Notice that even people of power and conscientious such as Oprah are doing this type of work in Africa where they have less fighting going on around education and they are accepting new ways with excitement and relish.

Therefore it is essential to teach your children how to behave and accept everyone. The culture for a long time is going to show the distortion and prejudice. That makes your job as a parent even more difficult. You have an influence but when the greater reality is showing a narcissistic shallow reflection of greed and selfishness, we are all in trouble and we are all going to have a very difficult time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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