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Numerology/Astrology for 12/14/17
12/14/17 is the number 9. Life is sometimes about taking small steps to get to the goal. Today, look at what needs getting done and then do it. Get that piece or part off your list. Then remember to congratulate yourself in that completion because even small accomplishments contribute to the bigger overall goal setting that is necessary to have an impact in life. Often, we look to the big breakthrough moments and peak experiences to show how far we have come but actually it is in the smaller moments when you just keep chipping away at something that (in the end) makes the bigger difference to your life and the lives of those you love.
The Moon is in Scorpio all day, aligning with Jupiter midday, and stimulating a tendency to indulge and possibly go over the top. This transit also has the effect of magnifying your feelings and attachments. Mercury forms a semi-square with Mars, and you can be quick to come up with ideas or retorts. You can be a little nervous and snappy under this influence so remember to be kind to others and to not overreact to the reactiveness of others. You may be working under stressful or hectic conditions if you allow yourself to succumb to the pressure to get things done quickly. You may too easily interrupt others rather than listen, and conflicts of interest are likely. With Mercury approaching a conjunction to Venus, exact tomorrow morning, you are inclined to analyze and sort out the tension or disputes you may experience now.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The Goddess looks out with sad eyes over the land.
Her head is down and her heart is in the sand.
Her children do not hear her cries
Her children choose to live in lies.
The land is being used and abused.
But that can no longer be excused.
She cannot understand the level of hate
that has to exists to deny truth and fate.
Only a type of raging anger that can deny
The truth that lies right in front of your eyes.
The voice of life screams out in pain
But too much of humanity sees only what they can gain.
She has tried to wait for the majority to wake up.
But now there is no time in greed’s cover-up.
Soon she will have no choice but to start over again.
And those that ignored the inevitable end.
Will perish in their castles of gold.
As they try to live off the lies that they have told.

~Suzanne Wagner~




Congratulations to those beautiful people of Alabama that took back their state from the Republican monsters that wish to only harm the people and the land in favor of greed, power, and control! I am so grateful to those who had to bring their birth certificates to the polling place as illegal voting practices were implemented in another attempt by the Republicans to steal an election. I could not be prouder of them and all those that have resisted such a mean spirited, twisted, deceptive, and child molesting candidate. Let’s create a wave forward and take back what has been taken from us. This world the Republicans have created is not a world that ever was what the American Dream was about. The Republicans presently in office have become the dementors of our world. Evil spirits that feed off the pain that people have inside, sucking off their very life force in the conscious attempt to kill them. Do not let those types of people pull you so much into the inner unresolved pain that you become at risk of losing your very soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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