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Numerology/Astrology for 12/25/19


12/25/19 is the number 4. Balance comes where peace is the goal. Striving will get you someplace but not often to the place of peace. That is why many wealthy and famous people say, “At a certain point you have enough money. What is next when you have more than enough money? The only thing left to do at that point is spiritual work.”

That is what this number is all about. Seeking that which will not make you famous but fabulous. Moving toward what will allow you to appreciate yourself  rather than be admired.

We are all finding our way home. That path is within us. While many times we get side-tracked by “shiny things” that pull us off the path home, eventually we all come back to this place.

Home was never outside us. Home was never about having everything our way or perfect.

Safety was never assured in this life. What is assured is that you will have an experience that will help  you grow past selfishness, projection, anger, and fear.

And when you have learned as many lessons as you can with this body, through this DNA, and through this configuration of challenges, then everyone will get to go back home. That “home” is and always will be the love that you carry within your soul, the love that you have unconditionally given to others, and the love that reaches past your body into the great beyond that wants to reconnect to those that are on the other side.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Astrology Today


The Solar Eclipse is at 5 degrees Capricorn and happens late in the evening. Five of the ten planets we use in astrology plus dwarf planet Ceres are in Capricorn now. Capricorn is a bit serious and dry in its approach to things. This sign represents boundaries, restrictions, certifications, rules, taxes, infrastructure, and sacrificing in the short term for long term rewards. Expect the unexpected in the news. Especially because the path of the eclipse ranges from the Middle East to India-Pakistan to China and Indonesia. Personally, this eclipse heralds a time to get serious about your priorities and goals. Where do you need to get more disciplined or set boundaries? Where do others take advantage of  you? There is the opportunity to renovate your life if you are willing to make lasting changes. You might finally see your blind spots and your mis-steps. Make friends with powerful changes because those changes are coming to you. It does not matter how happy or sad you believe yourself to be. Powerful forces from the universe are interacting with you and opening doorways that you might have wanted to keep shut. But you are not without help. Supportive Venus is moving through friendly Aquarius, so you will find the help you need if you are willing to open to new groups, friends and organizations. Things are going to radically change and if you did not already get that memo over the past 4 years, you will not be able to ignore that message now.

The Moon ends its transit through Sagittarius and moves into the practice and industrious sign of Capricorn. With all this Capricorn influenced energy happening, you will want to wind down and unwind. I am sure you have felt the need over the last few days to step back and do less. Sort of a contrary aspect to this season. But necessary non-the-less. That is going to continue through this holiday.

The Sun-Neptune quintile wants you to be gracious and give others the benefit of the doubt.

No matter what, with the Moon trine Uranus, you are going to be stepping on new paths, new areas of your life and self are asking to be explored. New methods are being tested. Prosperity comes to those most willing to change and go with what is presenting in the world at this time.
~Suzanne Wagner~





Authenticity connects you
to your other selves in other
dimensions in time and space.
It is when you are authentic
that you feel past the ego driven
mind set of this physical body
and move past the obvious
into the sublime energy
that connects all things.
When you are inauthentic
and pretending to be something
that you are not, then you create
a disconnect between this you
and all the other selves that
co-exist in non-linear time.
But when you move from
authenticity, that love that
is you and that never changes
throughout time, can reconnect
and gift you with energy, insight,
support, and connection that you
most need at the most critical time.

~Suzanne Wagner~





Christmas is about promoting the concept of acceptance and peace.
Both much needed qualities at this time in the world.
Christmas is about remembering to take care of those you love in this life.
It is about giving from your heart, not your wallet.
It is about loving regardless of race, creed, color, nationality, or religion.
Even in the midst of war, there have been soldiers that shared Christmas cheer with their enemies.
I believe that war is a manifestation of greed in the world.
I believe that conflicts were never supposed go linger for years or centuries.
I believe that conflicts were designed to make us see past our own viewpoints and perspectives.
I believe that if conflicts continue then one or both sides are unwilling to shift their perspective.
I am not interested in being right.
I am interested in pointing out mindsets that promote the continuation of conflicts.
I believe that ignorance is not an excuse that holds any water in any reality.
I believe that deep inside we know what our ego is doing and the choices that he or she is making.
I believe it is our responsibility to move past ego driven patterns of behavior and conflict.
But I also believe that humanity cannot tolerate one more drop of perpetuating hate without dire consequences.
We are way past condoning and allowing behaviors that are so destructive.
At some point everyone has to stand up against that which destroys, tears down, and causes suffering.
It is time to completely focus on what is good for another rather than ourselves.
That is what Christmas attempts to remind us.

Have a wonderful, connected holiday with the ones you love.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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