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Numerology/Astrology for 12/15/19

12/15/19 is the number 3. There once was a time when everyone in this country whether rich or poor believed that they could have a chance. They could work hard and they could manage to make it up the ladders of success. Perhaps not in their lifetime but for sure the lifetime of the children. Now, all that seems to be in doubt. It is hard to stay positive when you see others lie and manage to have no consequences for their overt and hateful actions. This used to be a country of consequences to actions. But not particularly at this time. Those that have power get whatever they want. Those in control have no one that can stop them from tearing down the foundation and values that defined this once great country. This number is about seeing the Devil and the Divine in all things. And knowing that nothing is really what it seems. Behind every charismatic person is a darker side that intends (whether consciously or unconsciously) to get its own way at the expense of others. It is important to have the rules of law followed and standards not undermined by those who do it for the sole purpose of money and power. I pray that this country finds its way back to the values that have kept the heart and soul of America alive.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

For the past week, Jupiter/Uranus, trine has been moving into an exact position for today. It is helping us open to expansive new ideas over the coming year. Jupiter loves to travel or publish, while Uranus wants excitement in the form of revolution and change. But both are in earth element signs of Capricorn and Taurus. Giving it a practical application into your life. No matter what, you have to stay grounded in what is real. And it is an indication that there is a lot of hands on work that needs to be done. The opportunities are there but you will have to do something about them. You need to take a chance and rise up in your chosen  career. If you were going to take a few calculated and practical risks, today would be the day.

The Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. Moods continue to be changeable and the back and forth is not only exhausting but problematic. It might be hard to restrain your emotions. Old feelings surface and can have a deep and profound impact on your psyche.

The Moon trines Mercury in Sagittarius, demanding you to learn and awaken even more. This aspect will help you with your reasoning as you are more focused. Stay positive about what you can and can’t do. And slowly things can and will improve.

With the Moon in Leo all day, reflect back on your life and take pride in what you have accomplished. Positive things can result from your willingness to look at what perhaps never made sense of that seemed odd at the time. Connect with those that have had similar pursuits as together there can be a lot of progress through association. Sometimes being with those that have walked a similar path help to lift your spirits and open your minds to new possibilities.

With the Mercury-Venus semi-square, you might have trouble focusing. But there is a lot of energy overwhelming your concentration. Use this energy to help you understand what you are feeling. But no matter what allow yourself to bask in the indulgent connection you feel with others.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Peace can only come as
a natural consequence of
universal enlightenment
~Nikola Tesla~





“ As I review the events of my past life. I realize how subtle are the influences that shape our destinies.”
~Nikola Tesla

I love this quote because I too, have been reflecting on the amazing small encounters that shape my life and continue to influence my choices and actions. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary. Often a phrase, a word, a gesture, a kindness, at just the right moment, when you are open shift you out of a narrow perspective into a greater understanding. It moves you out of what seemed blocked into a more organic effortless flow.

Tesla believed that the secrets of the universe were really about the connections between energy, frequency and vibration. That is also how I see it (though from a more personal perspective). I find that we vibrate a certain way and those vibrations pull us together in miraculous ways. When those energies connect, harmonize, and find some sort of vibratory connection, then beautiful things are co-created. But some people have the ability to radically shift their vibrations because of the influence of others. Those that have that ability perhaps know not what they are but simply have the ability to adapt to whatever vibration is around them. It is a gift but also a sort of curse because they adjust to what is ever around them. While I believe we all do that to some degree, there are those that can do that completely. And I find that they are often constantly seeking something. Something that they need to discover. And I wonder if what they seek is that vibration that feels most at home for them.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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