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Numerology/Astrology for 12/15/20

12/15/20 is the number = 13.

Add the 1 + 2 + 1 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.
Within the new pattern that is unfolding… sense the musical rhythm and pattern that begins to beat your heart to a new drum and bring hope alive from the safe corners that we placed it in, to protect it from the horror of the past few years.
While the songs playing now in our life have hints of the familiar tones and rhythms that have helped us each feel proud. There is quite a bit that we need to do to restore the name and values that used to be American. And right now, that familiar drumbeat is slowly awakening and getting louder. The balance of power is shifting and it is going to be interesting to watch as we move beyond the dysfunction back into a very new functionality. It is easy to destroy balance (the number 4). But to create a new system that allows for a more honest balance will take a lot of energy, time and effort. And it is a work that must be done because without that inner and outer stability … global events will continue to wreak havoc on our beautiful world.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

Venus is going into Sagittarius this evening until January 8th. It makes that sexual spunk come back into the picture. Something that might be fun over the holiday season. But this morning it will sextile to Saturn (as it is at 29 degrees and preparing to leave Capricorn for the progressive sign of Aquarius). (Something all of us are looking forward too.)

Venus and Saturn help us ground and brings what is really important to the forefront. It makes us realize that what matters is having safety, security, and loyalty.

Some things that we can count on seem even more important than before. What has been revealed in this Covid Pandemic were the things that really matter. For each person that may be different but it boils down to family and spiritual family. We see things with clear eyes in the harsh light of this game of “truth and consequences”. And what goes around will always come around. Karma is more consistent than any living human being.

We are beginning to realize that all our actions make us responsible. We are beginning to see that whether or not we want to be responsible for our choices does not matter to the forces and laws that rule earth. And I am not talking about human laws but the spiritual laws.

Operate for the next few weeks from the place of financial responsibility with the Moon in Capricorn. It is better to be safe than sorry.

We are moving towards a more direct approach in all things. Truth cuts like a knife. Higher purpose is calling to each of us.

Chiron is still in the sky and will turn direct today. It makes us feel vulnerable because the emotional truth is coming into the light of clarity and it can make those that believed in distortion and illusion confused and angry. Don’t expect to be comfortable today because now we need to take some appropriate actions … regardless of how we feel.

Mercury and Uranus add to the stress and challenges. Don’t get mad just do what is right in front of you. Expect to feel a bit scattered.

~Suzanne Wagner~


What if this world we exist in is not what it seems?
What if this world is about acquiring all the means?
Acquiring the skills that can take us up and beyond.
Acquiring the will to not stop and keep going on.
Perhaps this world is a testing ground of sorts.
One that intends to challenge, not a vacation resort.
The way to transcend this world and time.
Is not by causing suffering or manifesting crime.
It is by loving totally without fear or withdrawal.
The way out is found by embracing it all.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I believe this world is a type of blank canvas for each of us to paint upon. We see what we have yet to embrace and understand. We confront those things within us that were hidden until the moment our psychological development was ready for us to embrace something new. Some see this world as a hell or as a prison for wayward souls. Some of us see this world as a heaven in the making.
And each action we make and unmake the goodness or the darkness as the war within our souls acts itself out in the external world as a  dramatic dance of life and death.

Death is not a failure, nor is it something to fear. Death is a doorway which is always near.
Deaths can be harsh but deaths can be soft.
Deaths can be a relief for those that got lost.

Life is a dream that travels through time.
Life is a doorway to reality from the sublime.
Life takes a toll and offers great rewards.
Life is the lure that each soul heads towards.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Suzanne’s personal side note:  

I have a phenomenon that happens often on big Solar Eclipses. Probably because I have 3 planets in Leo and it is ruled by the Sun and I have a Cancer Ascendant which is ruled by the Moon. So Eclipses include both of those all the time but some smack me harder than others. When they hit they either hit before the eclipse (as within 24 hours) or at the eclipse exactly (like the one that crossed over Utah and the US), or slight after (as in the following day).

The eclipse that went over the US, literally put me almost into a coma. I got such a raging headache that I had to lay down and the moment I did, I was unconscious for about 4 hours. When peoples said to me, “Wow! Did you see the Eclipse?” I had to say “No” because I literally could not even stand up.

Yesterday, before this eclipse, the same thing happened. I was working in my upper building and I got a terrible headache. I told my husband that I had a terrible headache and I was going down to the house to get an Advil. I got to the house in a daze, took the pill, laid down on the bed and literally passed out …. Again!

I came too an hour later and felt like the world was spinning around still. It effects my eyes and it makes it difficult to read. So when I was doing the video for yesterday, it took more concentration than normal for me to just see the words on my computer during the video.
My husband came down so concerned and I had to explain my weirdness to him. He had never seen it happen because he has been working in India and Bangladesh for the last 9 years.

And last night I had weird dreams, which is typical when one of these eclipses impact me. And today, while better, I still feel a bit ungrounded. But I know it will dissipate over the rest of this day.
I just thought I would share because I am sure others out there have certain astrological patterns impact them also.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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