December 16, 2015

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/17/15
December 17th is the number 10. Venus forms a sextile with Pluto this morning. On all levels it is time to seize the day. With the number 10/1 pattern it is time to begin again with a fresh set of eyes and perhaps seeing things not from the victim position but from a more healed and powerful place. You radiate light and energy and others are also feeling more in alignment with who they are and how they want to progress forward. This creates a clearing of the air and the ability to see new options that were not as obvious before. Things with finances and relationships feel as if they are finally advancing. You feel pleasant and passionate, focused and confident. The stars mixed with the holiday season help you appreciate the depth of feeling and authenticity in your dealings with others. This can be a good time for doing what you love and pursuing a pleasure heartily. The Moon is in Pisces all day. Be aware that the Moons square in the early morning could point to a rude awakening of sorts. It might be time face reality. The Moon harmonizes with Mercury, Pluto, and Venus, and then aligns with Chiron, suggesting multiple outlets for expressing your emotions and this will give everyone a chance to heal, renew, and refresh relationships because of a conversation that allows for a new perspective.
~Suzanne Wagner~

I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence.
~Curiano Quotes Life~

There have been those people in my life that were clearly “spiritual family” but I did not fully awaken to that reality until they died and went to the other side. That is always such a strange thing in life when there have been people who were anchors for your life. They were always there and in some sense you could always feel them but life carries you away from each other and circumstances do not allow you to connect as frequently as you might otherwise have liked if you were both in the same city or place. I remember one particular person who was this way. When we saw each other it was like a magical connection and we laughed and enjoyed each other so much but then off we both went again and life carried us away in different directions. We were connected in a cord of love and heart but our physical bodies were in different states, places, and life patterns. Then one day this lovely woman died in a shocking and tragic sort of way and the loss of her in my life was light a bolt of lightening passing through my matrix and it left a gaping empty hole in my energy pattern. I think I cried for her more than I cried for anyone else in my life dying and only then did I recognize her in the full depth and beauty that she gave to me in this light. What I appreciate about our connection was that when we were together we were fully connected in laughter, intensity, depth, and heart. Neither of us knew how to hold back our authentic self from each other. For that I am grateful. I could finally see how we have been and always will be sisters in spirit. Forever, we have danced and played in the energies of life and forever our energies remain entwined in a performance of passionate expression. Today, take a look at those who might be this same energy for you. Then pick up the phone or get in your car and drive to them this holiday season. None of us know when we will leave this life and time is sometimes a commodity that you don’t really have as much as you thought or wished to have. Do it now. Open your heart. Share your love, laughter, joy, and sorrow together. Appreciate these unique people that have been energetic anchors for your life. It is the holidays, and that means a time of appreciation and love. Give love to others and let yourself be fully loved and appreciated. When you do, your life is uplifted and brought into the present time. Then if anything happens you will not feel the pangs of regret only the beauty and gift that this person has been in your life.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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