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Numerology/Astrology for 1/2/19

1/2/19 is the number 6. Within every living thing is a place that knows spiritual wonder and connection. You do not really need to be taught it. There is an inherent nature of kindness and compassion that lives within all living things. Bacteria live off of but also contribute to the life of a tree. Different animals show compassion for the babies of other living things. We think at times that humanity is so highly evolved in a spiritual sense. But I watch the kindness of dogs to their humans and I know that they understand unconditional love better than most humans. We are not special just because we are human. We are specialized because of our humanity. We are designed to connect to this life in a particularly unique way. But it is not the only way and it is not a better way than another animal. All life is specialized around a life intention. All life is important to the global health and well-being of this world. And we are all a part of a one world spirit. We really can no longer separate ourselves as special if that belief allows for the harming of other life. Humanity was to be the stewards of this world. We are here to take care of this unique place that is so important in the cycle of life in the universe. It is time we rose up to the role that we were intended to fill. It is time to fulfill our greater destiny. That is the destiny that is beyond religion and into the core essence that makes us what we are. It is time to grow up to the bigger intended patterns of conscious coalition that is a force for what is good and right in the world.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Hopefully you celebrated the New Year with Joy and a Loving Heart! Now, after the celebrations, we are all moving into 2019 fully with our eyes wide open and seeing what needs to be done to make the future one that our children’s children can enjoy and thrive in. It is up to us to make a better world than the one we find ourselves in and while there is work ahead, there is also a great joy that comes from knowing that the path is right there for us to grab if we are willing.

The Moon enters Sagittarius while you are sleeping. It moves into the flow with Mars in Aries. This gives energy, spunk, vitality, and new creative expression into the activities in front of you. Let the playfulness of this energy warm the cockles of your heart and bring a much-needed energy and enthusiasm into your world.

The Sagittarius Moon makes you more curious than normal and gives you a bit of spontaneousness and a desire to seek out the new and different. The breaking out in all forms seems more enjoyable and brings out that side that knows that the new is important for this New Year!

There is a Moon-Mars trine giving a boost to your enterprising side.

The Sun and Jupiter form a semi-sextile and you may need to adjust your present trajectory and path because your ideal and long-term goals are at odds with what you can realistically make happen. While it can throw you into a place of being uncertain, know it is okay to decide. Choices are necessary for beginning the long turn that is going to be happening over the next few years.
~Suzanne Wagner~


If the mind is calm, you
spontaneity and honest thoughts
appear. You become more
~Chande-Meng Tan~



It is not enough to just live.
You must live beyond one’s death.
A life that repeats and fits in a box
is a life lacking risk
and many elements of joy.
Life is itself a risk.
Your decision to come here was risk.
Your choices that changed the course
of your life are that risk.
Take a look at the risks that have
filled you with wonder.
And vow to make many more of them.
A few mistakes are worth it
to feel vitally alive and
at one with the flow of life’s
creative chaos.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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