Numerology/Astrology for 12/20/2020

Numerology/Astrology for 12/20/20

12/20/20 is the number = 9.

Add the 1 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 9.
Take heart that the end of this year is near. Take heart that the planets are always in motion and that change is rounding the corner for all of us.
I find it fortunate that we are in a completion day and tomorrow is the big shift of Jupiter and Saturn conjuncting at 0 degrees in Aquarius. It is a turn that will not come again in this lifetime. And it is winter solstice. A time for the return of the light and hope that resides within each heart and soul. When the numbers and the astrology align I take particular notice. Two powerful systems coming together creates an exclamation point for the day and heralds a year that we have been hoping for. It has been a long time coming and that does not mean that we (as a country) are not going to face monumental challenges over the next two and a half years to straighten out the crooked road we have been on. But what it will be is worth it in the end. And that is also another completion.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The Moon is in emotionally sensitive Pisces. The energetic world is reaching through the density to touch our heart and soul.
Mercury goes into practical and serious Capricorn and the Sun goes also into Capricorn tomorrow. It may feel a bit sobering but our concentration will be improved and our outlook more realistic.
Those two together might make us feel like being pulled into opposite directions. One moment deeply feeling into the subtle energy realms and the other wanting to “get down to business”. While conversations are on the issues surrounding the material world, emotionally we might feel a bit too “raw and real”.
Be organized in our approaches to things. Be thoughtful in our actions and deeds. Be wary of anything that is too “over the top”.
Venus and Uranus will quincunx and while we may want closeness … the desire for freedom is ridiculously strong also. It may seem as if we can have one or the other …. But not both. But this feeling is temporary.
While we have this moment take our confidence back, know that many things will make sense later. Put the rebellious part in our mind to the side for this moment. No need to create more upset before the holiday season.
Be peaceful because tomorrow is solstice and the “Grand Conjunction” between Saturn and Jupiter.
It is going to be a powerful energetic day. ~Suzanne Wagner~


Completion comes to those who wait.
Completion lifts off a heavy weight.
Completion cares not for opinions.
Completion does not listen to the minions.

When you find that magical place.
And own it with simplicity and grace.
You understand that others cannot see.
The places you struggled to just let yourself be.

Find the doors that open your heart.
Find those ancient places held apart.
Integrate all that was … with all you are.
That is where your light becomes a star.

~Suzanne Wagner~

  1. Linda Abella 2 years ago

    12-20 has shown up in my life in so many ways, so many times that I know it has great significance… but what?
    My son was born at12:20pm, my daughter was born on 12-20, my mother died on 12-20. My granddaughter was born in the year 2012, on and on… Also the number 8. My grandson was born on 8-12-2018, my son was born 2-18-82 @ 12:20 and weighed 8 1/2 lbs. and we lived in apt. 218, I was born on 8-18. This is crazy!, what does it all mean?

    • Suzanne Wagner 2 years ago

      You see family patterns overlap and repeat often.

      My grandfather was born 12/24
      My husband was born 12/25
      My sisters son was born 12/26

      If one really looks closely you see these repeating patterns so often it is crazy.

      I will see clients on the same day that all have similar numerology patterns.
      I will see everyone the same day with a Gift of (say) 6 and Path of 7 and a destiny of 3.

      I marvel at it over and over again.

      Something unexplainable and mysterious is at work. While each of us wants to understand and strives to connect to the deeper meanings it does seem to remain magical.
      I agree. It is crazy.

      Wish I could explain exactly why your pattern is showing up but I have no clue. Some things are to remain a mystery.

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