December 20, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/14

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I am putting this out a bit early because I am getting away with my honey to Harbin Hot Springs for the weekend. Yea! Nothing to do but sit in the healing waters and open to my infinite self. I will be sending all of you positive energy for being in my life and being a part of my tribe. Enjoy your weekend also.

Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/14
Today we are in the number 13/4. Not only do we step out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn this evening but the number 4 adds impetus to the endurance and application to the tasks at hand. Self-control in a balanced way allows a conscious shift into the grounded pragmatism of Capricorn and the energy becomes a “love-fest” between the numbers and the astrology. For a month now we have been working on having faith and belief in yourself and others but now there is an emerging conviction towards what you are passionate about. You are preparing for a renewal of sorts on many levels. The Solstice is looming and we are so ready to have a return of the light. It also reminds us that in the deepest darkness are the fertile seeds that we need to discover to germinate a rebirth of our instinctual knowledge. Early on, Venus sextiles Chiron, and there is great energy that can be used for healing, particularly in your heart. The Moon leaves Sagittarius and enters Capricorn also at 8:26 PM EST and within minutes, the New Moon occurs (8:36 PM EST). On all levels, this symbolizes a new beginning in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn. It’s a time during which you can focus on some of the constructive traits of the sign of the Goat (tenacious, resourceful, disciplined, wise, ambitious, prudent, constant) and consider how to positively incorporate these qualities into your life. It is time to work on developing maturity and common sense, prepare for the future, make commitments and recognize responsibilities, and nurture your dreams in a realistic manner. The force of the multifaceted Capricorn energy gives you the chance to create some serious order in your life. It’s time to make some solid plans, and to set the stage for reaping the rewards from all of these new beginnings. One of Capricorn’s “lessons” is acceptance of the concept that reasonable boundaries and rules actually do offer freedom–freedom from worry and chaos, for example. Setting goals for yourself allows you to focus on what really matters. Uranus turns direct today after months of retrograde motion. Uranus energy hangs heavy in the air, and “all things Uranus” become strong themes. As Uranus gains speed in the next few weeks, your urge to be seen and heard as unique becomes stronger. You will feel the need to take some chances or risks, to rebel, to listen to your own instincts, and to stir up some changes in your life. You are being re-awakened.
~Suzanne Wagner~

For far too long we have been seduced into walking a path that did not lead us to ourselves. For far too long we have said yes when we wanted to say no. And for far too long we have said no when we desperately wanted to say yes… When we don’t listen to our intuition, we abandon our souls. And we abandon our souls because we are afraid if we don’t, others will abandon us.
~Terry Tempest~
Quoting the movie, “The Matrix”: There’s a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. Learning how to know the difference between your ego mind voice and your intuition is essential for your continued growth in a smooth manner. So often we listen to our fear and our needs rather than listen to the deeper calling of our soul. At first this is difficult to know the difference. We think we are choosing what is right for us. But often as you go along, you recognize that you are choosing from the fear of lack or of needing validation. Needing to be accepted is also a big one. Wanting to belong often trumps your intuitive knowing. It is so complicated to unravel the diverse patterns that your ego will use to pull you into places of safety rather than growth. If you really awaken to the magnificence that you are you would naturally be brave and bolder. You would be willing to risk if that risk was about disarming your illusions and most cherished beliefs. It is not that you want to do things that hurt yourself. That is an absolute “No” but you want to conscious de-construct the false self and allow a more balanced, authentic person to emerge from the ashes of your ego. This process never ends because your ego is skilled at twisting things and pulling you back into limitation and fear. Its job is to keep you safe. Until your core is strong enough to be willing to burn off the karma that you are holding and walk into the fires of clarity it is wise to choose safety. The strength it takes to awaken is not for the faint of heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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