December 20, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/21/16

12/21/16 is the number 6. As we are in the time of Winter Solstice, and the number 6, this combination will draw you into a deeper place of self awareness and it requires you to find the things that you have lost in the past. That is going to require you to step away from elements in your past and find a new place to stand in your true self. That may require you to stand alone (the number 6). The Sun enters Capricorn today, where it will transit until January 28th. You are motivated by feelings of responsibility, ambition, and respect for law and order during this cycle. Capricorn derives much satisfaction in completion and accomplishment. Standards, structures, and an appreciation for order are Capricorn themes. Capricorn wants tangible results, knows what is feasible and what is not, and is most comfortable working within an established framework and known boundaries or limits. Working towards a long-term goal is most satisfying with this influence. Mars forms a semi-square with Pluto this morning, and your desires are intense and difficult to satisfy under this influence. A tendency to bully and confront may dominate. Efforts to make changes could be thwarted or power struggles emerge. Deeper feelings arise suddenly, and possibly in a disruptive way. You may be overreacting or going to extremes. The trick is to remain flexible and to develop strategies for achieving your goals rather than acting in the heat of the moment.

Winter Solstice is on December 21 at 2:45 AM PST. And as we enter into the darkest time of the year, take a moment to reflect and dive deep into your own self to discover what is the next step for you in the future. You are going to need to follow your deepest inner self and follow that journey forward. That may take you in a very different direction than you anticipated. In a chart cast for the next three months, the moon has just entered the last quarter phase. You are in a time of consolidation, where you remove things, activities and people that are draining your energy- or at least improving your boundaries to reduce the outflow. The moon is in social Libra, so it is good to meet new people and open to new relationships of all kinds. There is an abundance of “cardinal signs.” These are the action oriented signs with Aries, Libra and Capricorn being emphasized now (and the other one is Cancer, not emphasized now). You get to re-balance your self-identity needs, your partnership needs, and your worldly responsibility requirements. Remember that Mercury is retrograde, so allow wiggle room in your future plans so you can adapt as your ideas evolve. Mercury is aligned with Pluto in the solstice chart, so decide what you must release in the months ahead (attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, weight, people, etc.). Jupiter and Uranus oppose each other now, a complicated combination that was involved in recent Presidential elections. It is like trying to mix harmony with revolution in your life now. On a very pleasant note, Venus is trine Jupiter in friendly Aquarius and relationship Libra. This supports meeting new people and expanding your circle of friends and associations. Overall, there is a mixture to bring your higher vision down to earth, reviewing your practical world, and letting go/bringing in relationships that are in philosophical harmony for the coming three months.
~Suzanne Wagner~



You have to decide what your highest priorities are and have the courage — pleasantly, smilingly, nonapologetically — to say “no” to other things. And the way to do that is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside. The enemy of the “best” is often the “good.”

~Stephen Covey~



Where there is truth you will have no conflict. Where there is alignment with your essential self you will have courage. You cannot expect others to follow when you embark on the most powerful personal transformation of your life. And that is where paths often diverge. Young souls have simplistic views of reality. Out of great love and compassion, you have to allow them to be there until the internal and external realities do not align to such an extent that they finally have to broaden their view of what love actually is. It is compassion that allows others to have their experience regardless of weather it is aligned with yours. That takes great maturity and an open mind.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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