January 21, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/22/16
January 22nd is the number 5. With the number 5 the question to ask yourself is, “Are the choices and changes you are making supporting you being independent, free-thinking and free?” If the answer is “No” then you might want to reconsider the patterns that are maintaining this false self. One thing I have learned on this planet is that each person is unique in almost every way. One person’s reality is not another’s, often even when you want to conform and be a part of a pattern or larger reality bubble, you are not. Fitting in where you do not belong causes delays in expressing your deepest self and the freedom of flying with your authentic nature. If something does not feel right then it is not right. You may not know exactly what it is but there is a level where your bubble and the bubble you are overlapping with do not completely connect. Trust your body. It knows. This is what the number 5 is about. You were given 5 senses to tell your mind when it is not supporting the true you. When you step on your path, your health will improve, your anxiety will diminish, and your energy will improve. Make the healing choice today and listen to what your body is saying with big ears and an open heart. The Moon is in comfortable, emotional Cancer all day. You are more inclined to keep to yourself today or to stick with familiar people, situations, and places. Mercury aligns with Pluto in Cancer’s opposing sign, Capricorn, this morning, and you tend to take things more seriously. You desire to get to the bottom of a matter and to get something done. You may have to go out of your comfort zone as a result. Mental activity can be intense at this time and focus may be challenging to maintain. You may uncover valuable information or gain understanding about a past project or problem. Thoughts, ideas, and communications are more intense and focused. You are more able and motivated, to find hidden meanings and to “cut to the chase”. Your mind is investigative and probing and you may be bent on revealing truths. Your persuasive powers, strategic thinking, and observational skills increase but you may also be suspicious, manipulative, obsessed, or you might get caught in frustrating mental battles if you handle this day through the negative patterns of these astrological patterns.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious ambiguity……

~Guilda Radner~


Even with all the maps, patterns, and tools of the subtle energy realm, the mystery that is life and the complexities that it weaves together is a fantastic maze of interconnection and wonder. I have spent my life learning tools and working with my own energy to understand the depth of that interconnection that we have with all things. There are moments when I grasp some hidden synchronisity and marvel at the genius that must exist behind the curtain of our awareness. And then as soon as I perceive it, it is gone. Life whispers at you and coaxes you along. Life moves you when you refuse to shift. And life tempts you with the things that you have judged unfairly. I believe that I would find life very boring and mundane if I did not relish looking behind the curtain in moments and having a glimpse of some master plan that I am a small part of in the great cosmic circle. Today, remember that you are a critical piece in the mechanism that is life and your decisions and choices do make a difference. Choose with wisdom and conscious connection. You can be a bit player in this theater called life and you do not need to be conscious to be a part of the game. Then that universal force will move you like a chess piece on a board. But when you become conscious then you begin to co-create with the Master in this great game called life. You become more awake to the subtle intricacies and then you can manifest things that you never dreamed.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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