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Numerology/Astrology for 1/22/17

1/22/17 is the number 6. With the number 6 asks you to look inside to the deeper places that you have hidden your heart. Notice what is the most powerful expression of that heart now. Notice that this is not a time to express your thoughts but you love and compassion. This number asks you to use your imagination and your intellect combined. Take your deep feelings and find how those can relate to the outer world. Each person is addressing how to take responsibility for their choices. Finding balance through simplicity and tolerance is a wonderful way to find the center of the number 6 and rest there.

The Moon ends its transit of Scorpio and enters Sagittarius at 5:46 AM EST. The energy picks up this week, starting with an enthusiastic Sagittarius Moon to begin the week. With this Moon in Sagittarius, it hopefully brings more harmony with the Sun in Aquarius shortly before noon. It supports decisions being made more easily. You will feel more optimistic and focused on what needs to be accomplished. Later today, you might encounter minor, irritating challenges related to an overloaded schedule or involving divided attention to work and personal or family matters now. Know that you are not the only one feeling as if you are not getting the support you want or need at this time. Old doors of support are closing and you will be finding new ones that allow you to step more fully into your authentic self.

Talkative Mercury makes harmony with dreamy Neptune on Monday, so share your higher vision and ideals with people. Remember to not put others down for feeling what they are feeling. All emotions are transitory but they also must be allowed to be expressed to evolve. With all this Neptune in Pisces things are not what they seem even if you think you are crystal clear and know what you believe is true for you, so use discernment. This is a time when eyes will be opened and clarity will evolve through the many convolutions and expressions of Neptune’s distortion. If you want to get things done, plan for the middle of the week being the best for hard work and “nose to the grindstone” efforts. That is when you will feel as if you can accomplish the most.

You are so much more powerful when your ideas and emotions are working towards the same goal. Practice communicating with your inner authority figure and take responsibility for putting your ideas into action.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Fear limits your effectiveness in the external world.
Fear restricts the free flow of truth.
Fear does not allow for growth.
Fear is an emotion of stagnation and creates limitation.
Fear does not allow for the creative expression of your potential.
~Suzanne Wagner~


It is beautiful to see the power and passion of women marching for their rights and freedoms. I support the freedom for the world and send out the loving intention for all in this life to find the comfort and peace that freedom brings. May peace and love be the guiding principles for all leaders. May conscience motivate their actions. May love be the motivator for all actions. May egos go in the closet so that supporting the issues that really matter are what comes into focus.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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