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Numerology/Astrology for 12/22/17
12/22/17 is the number 8. In life, there are always ups and downs, cycles that allow for the adaption of life into new configurations of wonder. It is only through the stress and strain that we discover new ways and means to uncover our hidden potential. Do not grieve that which has died because in the process of evolution, that particular reflection decided to shift and upgrade. Yes, it is all of us left here that remember and reflect on those from our past experiences and long for those moments again. Tis the season for appreciation and remembrance of those that added so much to our life that we wish for their continued presence. But they are always there adding to the energy and information that is whispered at the precise moment that you need it most.
Jupiter forms a semi-square with Saturn today. There will be three of these longer-term aspects in a series. The first one is today, the next one will occur in March and the final one will be in September 2018. In this moment, you must recognize that there is an expansion and contraction that will repeat at those times in any long-term project you are embarking upon. Nothing will go as fast as you wish. So, take your time and recognize that the world is stuck in the mud of chaos and anger right now and getting all of us out of this muck is going to take time and planning. There are no shortcuts possible. There is a long and difficult time ahead for the vast majority of humanity. America will see the shocking revelation that we are now living in a caste society from the ancient past. The rich are going to become extremely rich and the chances of them taking advantage of everyone else is a part of human nature that is difficult to watch and witness. I hope that there are those in power and wealth that choose to countermand this tendency and have a conscience to use that extra money for those in the direst of need. Any big move is going to be met with obstacles, lies, and resistance. Our government is corrupt in a way that no one in this life has ever seen. But evil is always confronted and it eventually implodes upon its own rotten core. So, take many baby steps now and recognize that movement require extreme impeccability. You are being asked to fix your mistakes and make careful edits before moving forward with anything. Some re-structuring of your life and business goals is essential because our world is not going in the direction you have been used to. Also, today, Mercury stations as it turns direct in the sign of Sagittarius after retrograde motion since December 3rd. In the coming days and weeks, the problems with communications and decision-making that you have encountered during Mercury’s retrograde cycle are likely to clear up. You can get flooded with energies that are hard to make sense of and so big decision-making should be avoided and postponed for the time being. It’s a better day to take in rather than take action.

~Suzanne Wagner~



In the darkest days and nights
Sorrow fills the hearts with plights
But the return of the light must come
And out of despair must awaken the numb.
You chose to live in such intense times
You wished to discover what was hidden behind.
Behind those illusions that felt so real
Into the darkness that needed to heal.

~Suzanne Wagner~




At this moment in time, stand in the realization that there is always the return of the light. We have passed the darkest moment and as this world turns there are always cycles the reflect the truth that we live in a world of duality. The light and the dark constantly dance and play in that game of “King of the Hill”. But what I do know is that within the core of all life is compassion that cannot be denied forever. Compassion and love surface in the most horrible of times. You can be a player in the dark side of life force or you can be a player in the showing of vulnerability, compassionate service, and caring. You cannot do everything. That is impossible. But you can do what your heart prompts you to do in each authentic moment. Learn to not deny that voice of the Goddess as she prompts you to show kindness and mercy. Listen and move with her gentle promptings. When you do then you find the pathway through the brambles and thorns that life throws at you. Just because you cannot see the pathway through, does not mean there is not a path. Often you have to humble yourself and get down on your hands and knees to find the illusive pathway that nature has created to show you the doorways that your ego missed.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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