December 22, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/23/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/23/16

12/23/16 is the number 8. The number 8 challenges you to rise above the aversions that are presenting in your life. This number wants security but that security comes from seizing the opportunities being presented. Here we are in the season of the rebirth of the light and it is important to not allow the negative side of the number 8 to move you into greed, tactlessness, sneering, condescending and superior behavior. From the highest place the number 8 recognizes the energy of infinity and the giving and receiving of the divine feminine. As the number 8 is in the shape of an hour glass just like a woman’s body it has a strong connection to the feminine’s ability to mentally and intuitively size up situations and to grasp the situation and therefore the challenges at hand so that once you have a grasp of the true nature of the patterns presenting then you can move towards the goals with a deep spiritual connection and natural intuition. The number 8 is all about the lesson of compassion as one of the essential “life lessons” of being on this planet. I believe that you cannot totally transcend this world and the karmic ensnarement’s unless you completely understand compassion. When you are in the patterns of belligerence, reactivity, manipulation, anger, and judgment you are operating opposite the powerful doorway that true compassion holds and reflects. Those that attempt to hold the powerful and karmic influence of the number 8 see to endure life’s hardships more so than other numbers. Here we are in the season of compassion and yet that expression seems to be lacking more than at any other time in history. Today, practice that compassion fiercely. Find the strength to step into power but then do not use that power to abuse others with it for your own gain, but move it in the direction of serving those in need over serving your own self and ego. The Moon continues to transit Libra until 9:33 AM EST when it enters Scorpio. Scorpio’s energy is provocative, usually in a quiet way, as well as passionate, strong-willed, and intense. It can be an immensely healing and transformative energy. Vindictiveness and manipulation are some of the negative expressions of the Moon in Scorpio. The Moon harmonizes with the Sun and Mars, which are heading towards a sextile, exact this week. This is a good time for taking action, getting ahead, solving problems, competing, and taking the lead.
~Suzanne Wagner~



The tragedy of life is not death
but when you let freedom die
inside you while you live.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Perhaps you will find me when you are old and gray.
But right now your heart is so far away.
I believe that you can make the great journey across
The desperate expanse that your ego lost.
There I wait for the time to come
When you discover how your ego made you dumb.
But right now there is no choice but to wait.
A long time ago you called me from that ancient gate
To come to help you shift and expand
Love called out and I heard the demand.
But now I see that once again it was not time.
This world is still stuck and unwilling to climb.
Climb out of the hatred that tears worlds apart.
I came to heal this world’s broken heart.
But just at the verge when a breakthrough could come
You fell again and into the darkness you did succumb.
This is the pattern that I have watched throughout time.
History repeats in order to remind.
But somehow you choose to not listen and learn.
You choose the suffering and let the hatred burn.
We are here at this time to celebrate the light
Of a glorious man who gave up his life
For you to remember that only love is the way.
You celebrate him and this special day.
But the teachings and truth of this great man
Continue to elude the countless lifespans.
Once again we circle back into pain.
Into lying and personal gain.
There are places that where light cannot break through.
Those are the places where you protected ego and hatred grew.
So once again, karma and fate
Will circle you around again to this hate.
You are the answer to the problem you seek.
The answer is inside because out there is bleak.
You think I am negative but you must be honest to grow.
You have to see the reality that you have so carefully sown.
Turing blind eyes to the horrible truth
Is disrespectful to the teachers of your youth.
But once again, you think that you know.
Better than the greatest who came from above to below.
Perhaps arrogance is the real problems in this realm.
Some many become superior when they are emotionally overwhelmed.
Regardless of all the words and truth
Now you are going to have to get in the mud and sleuth.
Beyond this realm is a place with no time.
Where love is the key and compassion is the chime.
There I will wait again to witness a time.
When love slips through and evolves the slime.
I am in peace because this I do know.
Hatred can never win when love is still shown.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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