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Numerology/Astrology for 12/23/17
12/23/17 is the number 9. In this time of celebration and family, the number 9 shows you that the human lesson is forgiveness and the expression of compassion for all of life. What can you do today that supports the greater good for all. You have a natural protective energy inside that has great power when it is focused and aligning with love. Each person has a personal mission and purpose. That does not mean that they will follow the promptings of your wisdom. They must follow the path that is designated for them. That is how they will discover and fully understand themselves and leave tolerance and generosity. This number helps create a great deal of warmth and the feeling of love for family and friends. Enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas everyone. Let the altruistic and charitable energy of the number 9 show you the highest expression of your soul at this moment in time.
The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 9:42 AM EST, after which it transits Pisces. The Moon harmonizes with Venus, Saturn, and the Sun today, and you may find easy channels for expressing your feelings. You see the responsibilities that just emerged earlier this week in a better light, and you are feeling more confident about fulfilling them. The energy of the Moon in Pisces is understanding, caring, and a little diffuse or meandering. Saturday is quite pleasant but prefers to be around people who are more emotionally and spiritually tuned in.

~Suzanne Wagner~



I trust people who
have lived and died a few times.
I trust people who
have loved so deeply
that their heart was broken open
I trust people who
put their integrity on the line
even knowing that they would lose.
I trust people who

stand for something
other than their own ego
or personal gain.
I adore people who
have survived and still thrived.
I respect people who

smile through sad but wise eyes.
~Suzanne Wagner~




I think it is clear that none of us have witnessed such times as these. I know that so many are stressed in ways that make each day a struggle to cope with the latest news and potential fear based rhetoric. I know that so many have turned off the news and have to make choices to protect the small sliver of sanity that remains in a world that seems to fall further and further out of balance. And yet, you cannot lose hope in the middle of seeing the terrible parts of this world in 3D. You have to recognize that it is such moments that force an awakening in consciousness. Life sometimes lulls us into a sleepy, dulled, complacency where you just expect things to stay the same and you have become accustomed to feeling entitled to certain things. And then there are moments like this that force you to stand up and fight for what is good and true in the world. A moment when it is no longer even about yourself or what you get, but the realization that others are going to suffer even worse because of the external patterns collapsing down in our world. It is in such moments that you do not stand up for yourself but for others. In this moment, you can deepen your sense of compassion and step beyond ego and into the selfless places that can heal this world.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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