December 24, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/24/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/24/14

On Wednesday we are in the number 7. With the ingenuity of the Moon in Aquarius it is a great day to flow into the patterns, structures, and intellectual understanding that the number 7 gives you. You are being asked to awaken to the deeper truths that are to create inner strength, healing, and peace. All the number 7 to give you the quick wit and calm insight that a clear mind gives you. There is a magical flow if you will let go and feel into the situations at hand with discernment, study, and the mind of a beginner. Do not assume you understand or know what is going on. Be like a hollow bamboo and allow the flow the dictate your actions rather than your old habits. Mercury squares Aquarius’ ruler, Uranus. Your senses are stimulated, and you could have sudden flashes of insight or fresh new ideas. However, you could be over-stimulated at times, having difficulty staying focused, and can have a hard time with monotonous or routine tasks. There can be interruptions and it could be challenging following through on your ideas and projects under this influence. New information can surface now that upsets the status quo, but can also act to stimulate your mind into new ways of thinking. The Moon aligns with Mars in Aquarius tonight, and you can be itching to take action. You will feel braver and more decisive.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Fear is not your enemy. Do not be ashamed of it. All beings in existence feel it. You could not know truth and you could not know love without the contrast of fear. It is the tool that is serving your expansion the very most. It is understandable, yet somewhat funny, that most of us are going through such lengths to try to avoid the very tool, which keeps offering itself to us because it keeps wanting us so badly to find out the truth and to feel love.

~Teal Scott~


Let the truth guide your actions rather than your history or the beliefs that you have been depending upon for a long time. You cannot deny who or what you are. You cannot deny what you came to gift the planet. Just follow that thread of authentic truth and life will unfold in a gentle and fluid way. When you are out of alignment with a core truth is when there will be moments of feeling that there is sometime out of alignment. When the internal and external worlds diverge then there is something amiss. That is where you have to do some digging into the hidden places of your reality. Let the tool be truth. Let the tool be love. Let your essence expand beyond the form of this present reality.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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