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Numerology/Astrology for 12/24/17
12/24/17 is the number 10. Let the power of contemplation be your guiding force today. As you prepare for the coming holiday feasts let that love and compassion be projected into the food you are cooking. I love that especially with home cooking, you can actually feel the love in the food. That is what makes it so nourishing. We need food to sustain us but actually it is the energy and love that is in things that really fulfills us on a deeper level. So today, put the love from your heart into the food that you prepare. And if you are on the receiving end of the food, appreciate the cooks and don’t forget to praise their amazing skill, time, and effort.
Sunday, Christmas Eve, has the Moon in quiet and gentle Pisces. This is great for spiritual activities or a good movie. Also on Christmas Eve and lasting until mid-January, love & money Venus moves through practical Capricorn. This morning, a minor square between Mars and Chiron can point to easy triggers. Know that you can react in a somewhat touchy, offended, and or overwhelmed way. Keep your cool. You can find it difficult to express your anger or desires in a direct, straightforward manner under this influence. The Moon in Pisces doesn’t help with directness or clarity. As the emotions tend to wash over you and that clarity and overview might seem to be missing. It is an excellent time for meditations, contemplations or for visualization. This is the best way to harness the chaotic energy of the Pisces Moon as it increases intuition to your projects or goals. You are perceptive and compassionate, and also quite willing to lend a hand.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Love when the world is on fire.
Love when life seems a satire.
Love when others do not understand.
Love when you see harm to the land.
Love because it is the glue
Love connects everything from me to you.
Love is the anchor, love is the key.
Love is the space that lets everything be.
Love the laughter, love the tears.
Love the loss, love the fears.
Love because the rest is a lie.
Love because you don’t know when you will die.
Love continues beyond space and time.
Love allows the creative and sublime.
Love tomorrow through the heart of today.
Love speaks the voice of truth and the way.
When will love cease to exist?
It will still remain and forever persist.
~Suzanne Wagner~




I wish all of you a wonderful Holiday Season. This is a time of celebration for all that we have had in the past and in the present. Gratitude is the energy that allows us all to bring the best from our past and move that energy with intention into the future. As families gather together, tell each other what you love and appreciate the most about them. Reminisce on the stories from your shared experience that made a difference in your life and helped you become the person you are today. Bring the light of love into the lessons and challenges from your childhood. Wisdom is earned never just given. Reflect on all that you carry inside that could be of great help to others in the future. You do make a difference. Rest in that knowing and just be the love that you already are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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