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Numerology/Astrology for 12/25/17
12/25/17 is the number 2. Life is always a bit chaotic during the holidays. Family is a great love and it can bring up the unresolved patterns and issues from the past. Do your best to not fall into those old habits and patterns. Let the past go. Let that old wounding go. And see who someone is now. See past their behavior and into the deeper soul essence that moves them forward. Recognize your family as your spiritual teachers that came to guide you through this life and who risked their own karmic process to give you reflections that support you in going in the direction of truth. We are here for the gifts we offer others (even if they do not want them), and we are here to learn to love as deeply as is possible. That does not mean that the others will love you back to the same depth and intensity as you wish or want. But each person offers up the love in the way they understand it and to the depth that they feel it. You cannot ask for more than that. People cannot give what they do not have fully integrated inside. If you push, they will go through the motions but it will feel shallow and unfulfilling. Accept what is offered and be in deep gratitude for that offering.
Venus enters the sign of Capricorn shortly into the day and will transit the sign until January 17th. This is the moment to get more committed and serious about finances. What can you do to boost connection with business partners and/or co-workers? Right now, it will be easier than usual so take advantage of is while you can. Your talents for creating artistic and colorful things are enhanced. When you combine your ability and talents to form connections with people who are of like mind the creative juices will really start to flow. In this moment, you recognize the value of enduring relationships and connections, reliability, and faithfulness. You may want to express your feelings more seriously, and you wish for others to see your sincerity and heart. There may be some moments that you will have to keep your “cool” but family is always a complicated emotional river to follow. Venus meets Saturn shortly after it enters Capricorn since Saturn just recently began its longer-term transit of the sign. Venus also forms a semi-square to Jupiter today. This allows you to view your connections and affections with others a little more seriously. When it comes to finances and relationships, you are probably feeling the pinch but put that to the side for today and know that a new budget will need to be handled next year. Make is part of your New Year’s Resolutions to get your budget back into line. Extravagances have a way of catching up with you so that buckling down is going to be necessary. There is such a generally feeling of good will you know that you will be making more mature choices in the future. You may be experiencing a new sense of realism in your relationships. There has been a shift in priorities and that feels good even though it was difficult to make that adjustment. A sense of duty may lead you to sacrifice something of a more personal nature for a good cause or the needs of a loved one. It is okay to abstain from personal gratification for the time being in favor of helping others. This can be a time for bonding more strongly with loved ones through the sharing of a responsibility and concern. The Moon continues its transit of compassionate Pisces until 7:28 PM EST, after which you are more likely to want to take action, make a change, or start fresh with the Moon in Aries.
~Suzanne Wagner~



In the turning of the light
back to where dark becomes bright.
Reflect on what has past and see
how your life has its own marquee.
See how you have a great hero inside
who stood up to the rising tide.
You faced the storms of this year,
and did not flinch in the waves of fear.
You listened to natures chorus of change
and from that truth you re-arranged,
the way you saw and the way you spoke.
You found a deeper place to evoke.
Like the tree that bends in the wind
You looked out at your fellow kind.
And stood for love in the hurricane
when some wished to restrict and constrain.
The New Year is just around the bend
A new year to change and amend.
Know that life never stays the same.
It circles around again and again.
~Suzanne Wagner~




We celebrated Christmas Eve like they do in Europe yesterday. It was lovely. I broke with tradition and made Coq au Vin with parslied potatoes and green peas, and with a vegan Vanilla Pear Cheesecake. It was lovely. Family, fun, celebration, warmish weather here in northern California. I put out apples for the deer, birdseed for the birds (they get it all year round) and made pies and cakes for the Christmas Dinner we are invited to today with friends. I am so grateful for my life, all the people that I love, family, and the great gifts that this life has offered. I hope all of you find the peace and joy of this season and remember to give back in as many ways as possible to your fellow mankind. Remember, all you get to take with you to the other side is the joy and love that you unconditionally have given to others. Be generous with your heart. Be kind with your soul. Know that we are all connected in this great circle of life. We all need each other’s help and support and different times. When you see a need, choose to help in whatever way you can.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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