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Numerology/Astrology for 12/26/17
12/26/17 is the number 3.  There is a change in the air and you might be still trying to decide if you like it or not. Take your time. Such powerful shifts often take a moment to get a hang of how to move with this new energy. As it is past the Big Christmas day, now it is about looking forward and deciding on those New Year’s Resolutions. The bucking bronco which is life at this time will continue, that you can guarantee. But the question becomes, “Is there a way to enjoy it rather than have it stress you out?” How can you move with inspired intention and action but without the exhausting energy of anger and upset? That is going to be your challenge as you move into 2018. The “11” year is about change. Big Change. It is about learning how to transcend or you will fall into the “Negative mind of the number 2 instead. It is either up or down. The choice will be yours. I am sure that each of you will bounce a bit between both the number 11 and the number 2. I know I do. But when you keep choosing to lift up and out of the muck and mire rather than wallow in it, everyone benefits.
Tuesday and Wednesday are more active under an Aries Moon. Get your New Year exercise program started now. The Moon spends the day in bold, assertive Aries, and clashes with the Sun in practical Capricorn this morning. This is a moment when you feel compelled to take action. You may be facing some obstacles. But still you feel especially ambitious or driven. It is a perfect time to let those new ideas and plans go and see what they might manifest in the future. But sometimes you have to let it go to discover what the universe has in store for you rather than control everything with your mind. Even though it is right after Christmas, this is not the most socially graceful or warm time. Even so, the Aries Moon harmonizes with Mercury in Sagittarius tonight, helping you find common ground and opening up the lines of communication. You are enjoying more honesty now.
~Suzanne Wagner~



All I want is someone who
does exactly what
they said they would do.
All I want is someone who
listens with their whole body
not just their mind.
All I want is a world where
peace is valued more
than getting what you want.
~Suzanne Wagner~




How can we make this holiday cheer last? Good will and compassion should be a daily process for each of us. As you move towards your New Year’s Resolutions, how about putting in “understanding and compassion on a daily basis?” If each of us put concerted effort into moving not with the herd mentality of hardship and drama and in each day, we did one kindness to another, the world would be a much better place.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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