December 27, 2014

Numerology/Astrology for 12/27/14

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/27/14

Today we are in the day of Radiant Light. It is a full on power day as we are in the “Perfect 10”. So what is perfect for you? Perfect is when you are completely present in the moment and you are feeling one with the flow of life all around you. Perfection is not about the “I” but the knowing that you belong to the “All” and that you are not separate. When you feel as if you belong in life and are no longer separate from that life then energy flows organically and there is a sense of a greater magic that flows with and between all things. You are truly powerful when you know that you are simply the vehicle for a greater energy to move through you and touch others in meaningful ways. Let life mold you into the Radiant Light that you came to be. Feel that when you allow that to happen something inside of you awakens and then life becomes a process of constant joy and love. Be aware that this day might throw you a curveball. Projects may derail without giving you a fair warning but be prepared for anything. Combine that with the number 10 day and you will know that you are being tested to stand in the light of who you are regardless of circumstances. Remember to stay in control of your emotions as letting others get under your skin could spell disaster.
~Suzanne Wagner~



No one ever became wise through criticizing others. When we judge others and complain about their actions, we are always looking outside ourselves. We are missing the point of Vipassana and insight training…..Insight training means to look at the mind that is actually making those judgments and not the object of them. It means to have a clear picture of what is really happening, and where it is happening. Not outside. Not in the world. But in our own mind. Only in our mind. When we know where to look for the truth, all our problems and judgments fall away. This is known as awakening to truth.

~Michael Kewley~


Truth is always a mirror. The truth is being constantly reflected in my world if I just stop and become still to what is being presented in my world. The challenge for me personally is when I see the conflict in the external world I have to look deeply into myself and know that if that conflict is happening anywhere it is happening within myself. I am a part of this co-creation and how can I become more conscious of this creation that we call, “Life”? Am I feeding the conflict in any way? Am I supporting a healthy transformation of that conflict that allows for all opinions, options, possibilities, and the needs and concerns of others? How can I shift the blame and hatred that is reflected in the news and politics into a form of understanding and acceptance without selling out truth, justice, or denying the great need for a better balance in life and money in the world? These are questions that require you to dive deep inside and first find the balance inside yourself. Often others either become guides and support or they become the reflections that make us recognize that we are still a work in progress and there are still places within that refuse to let go of beliefs that continue the process of separation.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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