December 26, 2016

Numerology/Astrology for 12/27/16 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/27/16

12/27/16 is the number 3. The number 3 is about allowing the roller coaster of life move you in its dance of dramatic ups and downs and learning to enjoy that journey and see that you wished for a life of excitement and change. We love surprises when we go to theme parks but when do we not like them in our normal life? That is because “life” always appears to be more serious but when you go to a theme park you have already decided to enjoy the surprise. So today, what if you chose to enjoy the surprises as saw your life as one giant theme park adventure? You might learn to take it less seriously and you might learn to enjoy the ups and downs with more of a sense of wonder and mystery. Astrologically we are prepping for a big astrological shift tomorrow on the 28th. So today, you might want to start contemplating your New Year’s resolutions and bring yourself into a more grounded and reflective moment. We are almost to the half way point of the Mercury Retrograde and Mars is lining up with Neptune in dreamy Pisces. While this is great for visions it is also terrible for those prone to addiction. This combination is just the thing to get you into trouble over the New Years Day celebrations so be mindful and get a taxi or have a designated driver. I tell you in advance because you know in the moment making those choices is much more difficult. Recognize that Uranus is not done with any of us yet and it is still attempting to create revolution and revelation. Saturn in Sagittarius is also still breaking you out of old mental patterns of perception that are antiquated and not in alignment with this new world emerging. The transformation of your beliefs is just at the beginning and there is an entire year where you will see things in a very different light. Pluto in Capricorn is forcing you to see that you don’t have any control over the changing environment and that you have to allow the universe to complete its mission in this area of change that has the intention to awaken humanity. The result is going to be that you recognize that each person has made their choices and therefore their consequences. You have to take time for you and to put yourself in a place of clear and grounded power. It is no longer about others. You are being asked to look at yourself and your personal direction going forward. At this time you recognize that you cannot save anyone from his or her own karmic patterns to grow and awaken. Now it is time for you to shift that focus from outward to inward. That is because as you go into the new year and the “Year of the Warrior”, you are going to have to find that place of inner clarity and stand firm with that regardless of where the world’s energy decides to twist and turn. Being a warrior means to stand alone in your own skill and abilities. Being a warrior means that you have the courage to face what ever comes. Being a warrior means accepting the hand that fate has dealt you.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Why should I fear the dark when the masks people wear in the Sun are far more terrifying?”

~Dave Wise~



Within you is a warrior that is fierce and strong. He or she probably has not needed to come out much but you should feel the drumbeat and the electricity in the air and know that you are embarking on your own person journey that is an edge for you. That does not mean that everyone is going to need to fight something in the external world. Quite the contrary. This fight is internal. This fight is with the old self and allowing a new self to emerge. This is a moment when you find inside something that you have lost or forgotten. It takes intense moments in time to recognize when you are at a key transformation of your life. And this is one of them. For each of you it will look different. Some of you might have already made choices and those choices will unravel and series of lessons that are essential for your soul’s evolution. Regardless of whether those tests are right or wrong in your ego mind. Know they are perfect none-the-less. This is what it takes to discover fact from fiction. You have to take what you perceive as the truth all the way through to the end point. Only at the end will you discover the “real” truth. And that truth is never an external understanding, it is always an internal revelation. This world is only trying to show you ….. You. The parts that you cannot see. The parts that you deny. They parts that you have judged as unworthy. The parts that you dislike. The parts that sabotage you….. etc. When the denial is strong enough there are tough lessons that open and unfold. When you are open and awake you can see it all as you. You can love it all as you. You can accept it all as you. And you do not react in negative ways but move from a place of understanding and learn to grow with that reflection and allow it to mature and soften your heart.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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