December 27, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 12/28/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/28/19

12/28/19 is the number 7. What is the structure of a highly developed and functional society? Everyone knows what that would look like. It would be a society that is based on peace and harmony. It would be a society that works together. It would be a society where everyone is considered. That is what everyone sees as a unified dream for the possibility of humanity. Then why do we still have people that want to tear that down? It is because they have not figured out the structure of their own fear. Fear breaks down functional systems. Fear promotes wars and suffering. That is why each of us is here to look at and address the fear that still holds us in places of dysfunction. The fear of the world cannot be allowed to cause un-ending suffering to this beautiful world. That means that it is up to each of us to discover where fear still rules us and controls our choices and behaviors. When you know yourself really well, you will notice the fear, but not make your decisions based on that fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus. Changeability and continued emotional fluctuations are probably not what you intended to feel but here we are regardless. We are each here finding our own way back “home”. Love will want more individuality and self-will is stronger than you want. Be careful to not push that too far in a direction. You desire the unconventional and the unusual.

The Moon conjuncts Venus in Aquarius, making your feel in a tender mood and wanting harmony and some form of artistic expression.

Mercury moves into Capricorn this evening as you are asleep. It is time to be more objective because serious problems are pushing you in the direction of suspicion and criticism. To maintain your energy you will have to concentrate and figure out how to sustain your energy in more effective ways. Stamina seems to be lacking. You may need more sleep than normal.

It is time to stay grounded and sober in your choices. It is through order  and organization that  you discover what is really off and out of balance. Be realistic and speak in a no-nonsense way. Precision is going to be valued by others. Keep it short and sweet, succinct and on topic. People are very tired of verbal games.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Life is the request for change.

Life it the embrace of the unknown.

Life is about courage to try again.

Fear is a thief that robs you of risk.

Fear lives in the dark place of regret.

Fear tells you that any attempt is

not worth it.

Fear uses aggressiveness and

resentment as its tools of


Fear tells stories that are lies

to disable choice and movement.

Notice the stories that others tell

over and over again.

Notice that they are not telling you.

They are telling themselves

that lie and trying to enroll you

in that same delusion so it is validated.

Your inner structure of restriction

and rigidity is made by your fear.

It is only the fear of consequences

that can make evil people stop.

~Suzanne Wagner~





In this time of giving, are you giving to yourself? Are you taking the time that you need to recharge your batteries? Sometimes everyone just needs a moment to step back and regroup. That is not being selfish. It is essential to know what you need and actively do that. We live in a world where jobs, family, and situations ask us to override ourselves again and again. It is not really healthy. It is the beginning of many (if not all) illnesses. There is a way to give fully and not give yourself away. When you know that you have as much value as others then you find a balance inside and outside. It is human nature to give, share, and care about others. But when your only value is in what you have to give others, that becomes a part of dysfunction that begins to drive your life forward rather than your soul.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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