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Numerology/Astrology for 12/30/19

12/30/19 is the number 9. At the end of the year it seems appropriate to come to the conclusion of 2019 and a completion of the patterns learned through this very intense and odd year. May the Gods and Goddesses look kindly on you and your progress towards really showing that pure amazing light that is within each of you. Know that while we are a speck of energized and divine light manifesting in a human form, remember that you are stardust having a unique experience on this beautiful planet. Make it count. make this life have meaning that shapes you, helps you open, expands compassion for all life, and connects with others that are along this same path.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon in Pisces is a great time for meditation and deep inward seeking. Notice what you need to focus and then create that space so you can find that illusive doorway into the more subtle realms.

The Moon squares Mars in Scorpio while most of you are sleeping. Do not let the intensity of this square set you off. Use passion constructively.

Mercury in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus. Let your spirit progress. Get out of your ego and your own way. All actions should intend to move you towards consciousness. Be relevant and solve the obvious problems with a seasoned and reasoned mind.

With the South Node of the Moon aligning with the Sun, notice if what you are holding onto is working for you or if it is making you ill. Step past comfort and stretch into growth.

Keep looking for clarity. Clinging too tightly will put you at a disadvantage. find that independence because making choices based on others never works the way you think. Expect conversations to take interesting turns.

Emotional needs take precedence over external worldly demands. Take this time before the end of the year and really think about what you want in 2020. But for now, you need to rest.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I feel my wings. And while at the moment I cannot fly,
The way my soul soars when I close my eyes.
I know that form holds the keys to flight.
It is a desire that ignites the light.
It is the spirit when released in love, that flies so high
beyond this density. I practice now, late at night.
While I dream I can still take flight. I practice living.
I practice dying. I practice both when I am flying.
~Suzanne Wagner~





What is it like to live completely on the edge and reveal your heart no matter what the social protocols are. That is where you are free. Free to be your best self without constant internal censoring or wondering if others approve or not. It comes down to how comfortable you are with the full power, light, and totality of who you really are. I know that many times in life, self-esteem issues make you question your worth. But you each are such a unique expression of life and light in this world of duality. We mistakenly think that we are this life. We are this body. But we are not. We are stardust having a turn in this density. And we pick these bodies to give us experiences that help us grow and move beyond fear. Fear is the enemy on most levels when you are here in this world. Overcoming fear is not about “fixing” something within you. It is about connecting that human self to your spiritual self. Once those things are connected it matters not what is happening because even when your human self is nervous or afraid, the higher self that is universally divine light, knows that fear in such situations is silly. The energy that animates this body is immortal. Energy just changes form it never really goes away. So if you are an eternal being of light, fear becomes much less important than if you focus just on the frail human self. Death is a part of this life but death is a total illusion to the being of light that you are. You do not every die. Your energy will continue to change forms seeking out new experiences and ways to grow and expand your awareness. You never contract back down. You can only continue to expand. When you die, you are not losing a life. You are moving into the next one. Death is the souls choice in the recognition that this body and this incarnation has done all it can in this form. And now, it seeks the next form. That is why right now, at the end of 2019, take a look at what you want to reach for moving forward. And I am not talking about 2020 alone. I am talking about the next lifetime. What is pulling you now that you feel as if you wanted to go deeper into but ran out of time and and energy. I put out those tentacles all the time. I can feel the part of me that would love to be a chef, that is on the cutting edge of integrating flavors and textures. I can feel the part of me that wants to sing, play music, dance, and make original songs. I can feel the part of me that is fascinated by physics, astronomy, and the nature of the Universe. So right now, I am practicing and continue to explore and learn about all of those. So in the next life, look for me in those places. I hope to continue to inspire many to open to the wonder and magnificence of life.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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