December 30, 2019

Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/19 – Plus Personal Blog

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/31/19

12/31/19 is the number 10. It is so appropriate that we are at this moment where we are in a new beginning (the number 10) at the end of 2019. What does it take to find peace in the world? That should be the question on everyone’s lips. And while peace has to be fought for to be maintained, conflict promotes chaos and conspiracy. And those in power will justify their behavior with the sole purpose to inflame the masses, as chaos is the child of fear. That is why the number 10 reminds you that you are a sovereign power unto yourself. Because in the end, the karmic load comes not just on those manipulating but on those also acting out the distortions of fear that run deep in the hearts of those still unawakened to their own truth. You have the power of choice. You have within your hands the ability to move solely from your own moral code. When everyone chooses that, and does what they know to be right, then the power games that the wealthy play have no influence or bearing.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon is in Pisces on New Year’s Eve magnifying the emotions higher and higher as we enter into the beginning of 2020. I am working on the Astrology and Predictions for 2020 and it is a doozy. You will be able to tune into the vibrations happening around you and become even more psychically attended to your world While that may not be as pleasant as it sounds it is important to be able to navigate the intense astrology that will plague us through 2020 and 2023. In intense times it is critical to have access to the subtle body realms and be able to respond ahead of schedule.

Mercury forms a quintile to Neptune, and it brings emotions into full force the wide range of emotions. Use this energy to become less idealistic but spiritually aware. Allow your courage to dissolve your boundaries and open you to new options. Do not make definite or complete decisions as you do not have all the information yet. Avoid confrontation and step away from challenges. Now is not the time. While dreaming and inspiring is appropriate, know that not all dreams become the reality and not all inspirations come forth as full and true.

The Sun in Capricorn sextile the Moon of Pisces. This is that moment to listen to your employees. It is the moment when leadership needs to change the terms and agreements. The game is officially over. Feel the shift in the wind and adjust your personal sails now.

With the Moon conjunction with Neptune, you might feel more nervous than normal. Your emotions are on edge and demand attention. Just remember that emotions are not necessarily truth. They are transient truth.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Conflict promotes chaos and conspiracy.
Those in power intend to inflame the masses
And will use those actions to justify their rhetoric.
After all, chaos is the child of fear.
~Suzanne Wagner~





On the 31st, I will put out my Astrological Predications for 2020. A warning that the astrology is alarming for the entire year. Do what you can to pay off your debt and get on top of things. You are going to need some flexibility. It is time for a major global change and it begins in 2020. Remember you have what you need to awaken and find the paths through. You are not alone. In such times, you will find out what is really important to you. What is important to me is connection, compassion, honor, respect and love. Without those as the basis for culture and civilization, none of us can thrive.

A Temporary Dive into the Numerology for 2020

The year 2020 is the Number 4, one of the Mastery Numbers that asks for us to find peace and balance within our own lives, and then extend that desire for respect and balance in the outer world also. I believe that the number 4 is the four pillars that hold the roofs up in homes. I believe those pillars are; Love, Compassion, Respect, and Honor. Without those 4 pillars solidly honored within, stability is shoddy at best and unstable at worst. 
While stability seems to be the key, what makes the number 4 unique is the flexibility that is inherent in such moments in time. Flexibility requires intelligence combined with creative expression. The balance of the right and left hemispheres. Both need to be honored and respected. 
Do you want to be able to master 2020? Then you will need to find a way to be fully in the “now”. That is what being human is all about in this world. You are here to embody higher level of love and to let go of the fear.

~Suzanne Wagner~

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