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Numerology/Astrology for 12/3/17
12/3/17 is the number 7. The vibrations and energies of the Collective Consciousness are convulsing to the horror and realization of the extent of the dark forces takeover of our world right now. I am afraid we are all in for a ride that you might believe that you did not sign up for but here we are none-the-less. We are going to learn a lot over the next 3 years and most of it is not what many of you have planned. Saturn teaches lessons that are often hard and difficult and the number 7 is related to Saturn. Expect arguments to be longer and louder than normal, Expect the ideals of compromise to go out the window and you will notice an unwillingness to change locking in on a much more rigid level. This is what is needed sometimes to reclaim the balance. Life right now is a series of extreme pendulum swings and each of us will have to allow those swings to play out before we find the center.

The Gemini-Sagittarius Full Moon is on Sunday at 7:47 am. The fire and air elements are particularly strong now, so bring out your passionate ideas. This makes for a great combination for early holiday parties. There is a challenge to the Full Moon coming from Neptune. This stimulates you to open your creative imagination to new and higher visions, but it can also make you feel lost in unrealistic fantasies. So before you jump into that holiday romance or big business investment, take some time to research it a bit more.  After all, Mercury did just turn retrograde and that means review, revise, research and allow room for adjustment. But this is a fun Super Moon, so emotions are elevated. Today is very busy astrologically and potentially congested. Mercury turns retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius, still very close to Saturn. This retrograde cycle will last until the 22nd and will remain in Sagittarius for the full period. This can be a time for reconsidering your long-term dream or vision of the future, and it’s strong for returning to an old study, writing project, or personal interest. Though expect scattered thoughts and mental disarray. The tactlessness of Mercury in Sagittarius is magnified making it necessary to be especially careful with your choice of topics and wording. The chances of being misinterpreted and missing deadlines or appointments run higher than usual, even more so than with other Mercury retrograde cycles. Mercury’s retrograde station today can be confusing. As the shift from direct to retrograde occurs, there can be the magnification of problems and difficulties understanding directions. You might notice foggy thinking and forgetfulness. During the cycle itself, thinking is turned inward as you review and re-assess matters. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, when meditation, journaling, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication can re-connect you to other, possibly more meaningful, means of communication. The more difficult times are the periods of the shifts themselves – near the stations – after which each of us will grow more and more accustomed to the energy. As well, the Sun forms a square to Neptune this morning, and then a Full Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini. The Full Moon can bring sudden awareness to our lives and an urgent “need to know,” to get a critical message across, to finish a communications project, or to make an announcement. Travel and communications are in sharp focus. However, given the current astrological climate, you may be dealing with misinformation, sloppiness, or exaggeration. You may return to a past problem or discussion with a critical eye, but it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have the full story. There can be a drain on your energy as you are challenged to consider your spiritual needs, which might at this point seem to contradict your plans and goals. It is time to confront how current projects or conditions aren’t measuring up to your ideals. Until you find ways to incorporate imagination and spirit into your life appropriately, there can be problems feeling motivated. With Mars in minor square to Neptune, you may believe the route to your desire is a roundabout one. There can be some disorganization or a desire to act upon an unrealistic fantasy. Expect to feel less certain. You can choose to go with that flow or resist it and feel a little lost and without direction. Concentrating on artistic or spiritual pursuits is better than focusing on things that require straightforward, factual thinking makes the most sense now.
~Suzanne Wagner~



We do not have to invade the United States,
we will destroy you from within.

~Nikita Khrushchev~




Contempt is defined by social psychologists as the worthlessness of another human being. It seems we live in the age of contempt at the moment and the toxicity of that truth intends to break down all that we have held most sacred about our country. It saddens me beyond belief that at this moment in time we are going to witness so much suffering from so many that will take generations to fix. That is because the only thing that can correct such distortion is education and that is being destroyed in our country. And that has forever been the foundation of any democracy. You cannot have a free society when there are the have’s and have nots. I watch in a society such an India those extreme positions and the suffering of so many that happen because the caste system just seems that it cannot completely die. And now we seem to be falling backwards into a cycle that the only endpoint is not something any of us want to experience or witness. For each person, the work load has increased because now things that were not your total responsibility are going to have to be. The standard that has been the norm in the United States now has to be your personal goal and you and you alone will have to do the work to educate your children to be decent and discerning individuals. We have a puppet king with a puppet court. It is a sad day when the soulless have the power to control the world.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Question to the Dalai Lama: “What do you do when you feel contempt?”
The Dalai Lama’s answer; “You practice Warmheartedness.”


If any of you out there were concerned that the markets were going to crumble, well now that they just got billions of dollars to expand and pay off stock holders it would be wise to invest in the markets because they are probably going to go sky high now. They will not invest in people but you can make money by investing in them. That is the only way as the small guy that you are going to make any money in this new Republican reality. Let the suffering of the middle and low income begin.


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