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Numerology/Astrology for 1/3/20

1/3/20 is the number 8. If you add the 1 +3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 8. Look into the infinite space that is your soul’s journey. You are an immortal being having a human and limited experience. But energy never dies, it just changes form. Pull in more of your soul’s energy that is outside this body. Bring that energy inside and let that new added essence expand your body and perceptions. Step past the limiting beliefs of your life. Step into a place where your potential interconnects with other qualities of life and let that energy support and enhance growth on many new levels. Be here now. Feel into the beyond and the hugeness that exists in non-lineal time and ask for that energy to come in. Discover how much more of you can be integrated into what you are trying to accomplish. All the limits you see are illusions.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The big news is that Mars goes into Sagittarius this morning. And it will be there through February 16th. Idealism runs high. Actions move in accordance with those beliefs and ideals. You will want out of your normal routine. Restlessness is the indicator that you are feeling boxed in or confined. Be careful to not set your sights too high. You might feel scattered and while in one minute something interests you, the next you don’t feel the same way later. This works best if you use this forceful energy to defend your principles. Just don’t take the little things so personally. There is no need to inflame a situation. Others are feeling scattered also. Smallness and fear response in yourself and others is distasteful. You are tired of being afraid and waiting on others to figure things out. Your sense of self is stronger and you are willing to work tirelessly to get to your goal. Be aware if you are getting caught up by your ego. It will show up as spiritual arrogance.

The Moon stays in positive and assertive Aries. Watch out when your impulsive side wants to take over. Slow down, look at the potential blocks and make sure you are not deluding yourself.

The Moon sextiles Venus making love strong and open. There is a new space and appreciation happening. It feels better than it has for a while. Use it and anchor in that safely, commitment, and love.

Moon square Saturn. Perhaps you are seeing your life with a new eye that sees the fear that has blocked you from moving forward and the dissatisfaction. What is good is that you have had enough of your own patterns. You recognize that it is up to you to make a change and risk discovering what might be out there if you moved past fear and into really claiming what you want in this life.

The Moon square Pluto. The best way to move this is through pleasurable things. While moments of self-indulgence are healthy, know that you might use those indulgences to run away from the severe inhibitions and low spirit you have been feeling. It is all okay if you just stay true and present to your choices and know why you are doing what you are doing.

~Suzanne Wagner.


All the limits you see are illusions.

All the impossibilities are possible.

You just cannot do it all alone.

~Suzanne Wagner~





I am so grateful for this moment in time. I believe that the grace and acceptance of age helps with these journeys of self-realization. I look back and see how much time I wasted in running around, not being as fully present as I could, and denying that I was afraid. And yet, even in those moments I had a focus and determination that carried me through and allowed me to manifest great beauty, love, compassion, and connection. And now I sit at this place and see how much more there is to learn in every precious moment of this life.

There is a type of nostalgia that I am feeling. I am sure it is catapulted forward by the painful stripping away of things that have been like soft warm coats in the cold winters of life. And stripping down those things, having them taken away, awakens you to the abrupt cold and bitter intensity that is the immense suffering that is happening in this world at this time.

Instead of being immune to the feelings that are raging in the ethers, I personally feel every exquisitely painful and poignant episode of the horrific losses of life this world is suffering.

Life is being painfully snuffed out because of human greed.

What good are we if we do not protect the very thing that gives us life? What kind of creature is humanity if on a global level, self-interest is more important that the very air we need to breath.

It is a level of such distortion and denial that it has no ability to see past its own needs in the desire realm. And it is not a place that I have every understood and it is not a place from which my being is from nor can reside.

What is happening has an outcome that has only one way through. That is for the hard truth to come crashing down. Some consciousnesses cannot be awakened until some experience their own personal loss and it hits so hard that it breaks down the barriers that the ego erected to protect itself from the terrible understanding that we are completely to blame for what is taking place right now.

Since I was in my 20’s I became a person reaching for that understanding of how my choices impact this world. I have been attempting to consistently awaken and see how the choices I make are life affirming or life consuming. I recognize that I am always both. As many ancient philosophers have said, “You either consume or you will be consumed.” We are witnessing that right now in our history. Our consumerism has created an imbalance in which what we need to survive is being consumed and in some cases, us with it.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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