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Numerology/Astrology for 1/23/21

1/23/21 is the number = 11.

Add the 1 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 11.
The Number 11 is about our desire to connect with the eternal. It is that knowing that within us we are forever reaching for Mastery, Transcendence, and to become more Conscious. The positive quality of this number is to help us see outside our own bubble and into the possibilities that we did not know existed.

The negative side of the number 11 is when we collapse down into those places where we want to dive into the escapism as a means to avoid what we need to do.
The Number 11 activates the visionary within each of us that wants to dream awake a new dream. It is the number of the great global freedom fighters that step up to speak up to help save this world from falling into the pits of ego and attachment.

It is that part that is willing to take a risk to serve the greater good.
It reminds us that within us is a philosopher, wanderer, and a spiritual seeker.
In the oldest Tarot decks (not the modern ones) the number 11 was the Tower card. That energy that breaks down the illusions of the mind and forces you to grow and change.
This number reminds us that to become self-actualized one needs to understand that dance within us between the light and shadow.
All this information can be found in my book, Integral Numerology.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The Gemini Moon creates a tendency to want to engage in conversation on Saturday. Ahead of us there are many adjustments that will need to be made. Channel your energy towards ambitions that have a practical application. The tenor of the world indicates that we are more ready for change. But things happening in “earth time” may not come as quickly as we would like. While all this Aquarius energy is pulling us towards higher philosophical ideals, not everyone is ready, willing or able to engage on that level. Fortunately, we do not need everyone to be in agreement but we do need enough to reach a threshold of cosmic change that will propel all of us forward.

Saturn had semi-squared Neptune but today the Sun semi-squares Neptune and then engages with Saturn. This illuminates the constraints of time and makes us question our motivation.

If your work day seems to be more demanding, you are not alone. It will seem as if more things seem to be crowded into a day. That feeling of overwhelm can be disillusioning. But it helps manifest a fresh start. Structure is helpful and diving into an old project now is stimulating you to complete that old project from years ago.

Expect your energy to seem low and the need for more sleep and breaks is okay. You have many responsibilities on your shoulders right now but finishing up things will help you feel as if you are on track.

Venus and Neptune sextile helping to ease the tension from overwork and too many demands being placed upon you. We reach for a higher spiritual dimension in our actions and detach from things that seem to be harmful.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Perhaps our compassion
will allow us to listen
with kind ears and open hearts.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I wish for a world that gives hope for all life. Not just the life that humans deem acceptable. But all of life. I think of the animals that just want the freedom to live in their natural habitat and have the existence that has been gives for millions of years. How arrogant and ignorant humanity seems at times when some believe that what they want is more important than preserving the natural world and the beauty that is there. Nature has the ability to save us from our own mind. It gives us hope and peace. Nature feeds us in ways that we cannot completely understand. While (in ways) civilizations protect mankind from the harshness of nature. Those same civilizations can isolate us from understanding and knowing how to properly engage the natural world. We live in a self-created world of the human mind and we forget how to be a part of the natural order.

And nature is calling for our help at this time. Perhaps our compassion will allow us to listen with kind ears and open hearts.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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