December 3, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 12/4/16

12/4/16 is the number 9. What will it take to get to completion of this stage of your life? As we go into the darkest time of the year and a time of holidays and connection to family and friends today is a day of reflection and evaluation of what you are going to be dealing with in the coming year. It is a day to contemplate the next steps going forward for you and your family. What can you do to protect the values that you hold dear even if you have to keep them tight to your chest and hold them in a deeply sacred space. This is a moment where the inside has to be strong so that the outside can be dealt with. Staying grounded in your values and truth is essential to spiritual progression in your life. In doing that you will discover what if what you believe is accurate and applicable to this new world unfolding. Get out of the house today to try something new and different under an experimental Aquarius moon. On Monday, the moon is void-of-course all day long, so deal with the existing projects and what is on your plate under this introspective influence. Tuesday evening is better time if you want to meet a friend for dinner and a movie. The moon is in Pisces Tuesday and Wednesday, which supports music, meditation and movies. So take advantage of this fun time while you can. Tuesday evening has a gentle relationship with Mars and Uranus. You will not want to do the same old boring stuff. So do something different and break yourself out of that rut you have been in. On Wednesday, Venus moves into Aquarius until January 2. Although this is a friendly energy, Aquarius can initially be difficult to pin down as it can keep moving from person to person, and conversation to conversation. Use this harmonious combination to explore new groups and connect with new people, and wait until next month to determine who will stick around. It should be an interesting weekend as the energetic Sun makes harmony with optimistic Jupiter on Friday, urging you to do something expansive and outgoing. Then on Saturday, the Sun aligns with restrictive Saturn. Combine that with an earthy Taurus moon, and you will want to accomplish practical tasks this weekend. So it is a weekend of mixing play and pragmatism. Saturday morning is more work focused and the evening opens up for play.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Discipline weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.

~Author Unknown~



There is a positive shift astrologically towards a more friendly energy this month, making it good for holiday cheer and a time to connect with old friends, meet new acquaintances, and to try out groups and organizations to expand your circle of people. Indicating the potential towards a more emotionally connected time with others; Venus will be in Aquarius December 7-January 2, and Mars will be in Aquarius until December 19th. This will help everyone get out of the house and share your ideals and aspirations with others. Aquarius is the sign that tends to want to connect to people on a lighter level. At the beginning of December, Mercury moves into the shadow of its coming retrograde cycle, December 19-January 8. While it is in Sagittarius, you are looking at your philosophy and beliefs to decide where you are ready to expand into a new place and to take that risk. During the Capricorn part of this cycle, expect communications to breakdown. In this darkest time of the year you will want to look at the very foundation stones of your life. You will ask the question, “What do you want your life’s legacy to be?

Something major in your life is definitely being revised for the upcoming year. Winter Solstice on the 21st has a social Libra moon (a time of family and friends), making it a good time for a celebration. December 25th has the moon in its quiet void-of-course phase all day, and in a private place of Scorpio. However, there are lots of happy Venus aspects on Christmas Day, so there is a great mix of social time and private time. New Year’s Even has a friendly Aquarius moon but a small challenge between impatient Mars and spacey Neptune- great for a New Year’s Eve meditation but not great for drinking and driving. So remember to call a cab or create a designated driver.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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