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Numerology/Astrology for 1/24/17

1/24/17 is the number 8. With the number 8 brings up the question of powerlessness. When you lack deep core confidence in yourself, you will attempt to align with someone or something that makes you feel stronger. You want his or her world and think that if you align with their perspective then you become a bit more like them and that validates that deeply insecure place on the inside. When I worked in the Los Angeles area I watched the powerful and famous people who surrounded themselves with weaker people who wanted to have the fame by association. But this never works. The powerful people know what is going on and tend to use and manipulate the weaker ones to get what they want. This is one of the corruptive things about power. When someone has power but that power is not balanced within themselves in confidence and in being tested by the world to know their strengths, they will just naturally manipulate. Only by really knowing yourself and not falling into the traps and shortcuts of fame and power can you find real happiness. Everything else is a seduction and a game. Happiness does not require the world to validate you. Happiness is not dependent on externals. Happiness is a choice that you get to make in every moment of your day. Trust your insight but not your prejudices. Trust the love inside and realize that this world is really simple. If what you do or say, supports the expansion of love and understanding, you are on the right track. If your choices and perceptions actively hurt others and cause them suffering so you feel better and more powerful, then you are going the wrong way.


The Moon transits Sagittarius until 5:44 PM EST. As it aligns with Saturn it attempts to remind you of your responsibilities and your limitations. You are not perfect and you are not completely correct. If you think you are then you are more deluded than you think. The issues are very complex right now and each person is unraveling a thread from a dysfunctional tapestry in your life. Saturn is pointing out where you have a belief and emotion that is a lie and unsustainable. There is a restlessness happening inside. That restlessness is the reminder that something in your world is off. You are holding a perception that is not aligned with the truth. Discomfort is the only way to finally feel so uncomfortable that you re-evaluate your options and choices. Holding onto lies takes a tremendous amount of energy and will drain away your core life-force energy. That is why the truth is always easier to hold and maintain. Make your life easy. Tell the truth but only after you go deep within and discover that your wounding has allowed that lie to find ground upon which to stand. Only you can free yourself from your own illusion. When you believe your own lies then believing others is easy. The Moon’s move into Capricorn at 5:44 PM suggests a more cautious and sensible approach to your day. Venus and Chiron move towards alignment, exact shortly into the day tomorrow in the sign of Pisces, and you will be forced to face the problems, fears, and insecurities you have been in denial of. And you will realize that only you can heal them. This is a moment to heal your personal relationships, as you are especially open to learning from one another. You could possible see the beauty in human weaknesses, and you are less inclined to see fault in others. You actually only want to see the beginning of an awakening. It is a good time to develop trust in relationships, and for seeing beyond the problem and into the potential in one another. Know that this type of process might feel painful! Insecurities are revealed and if you stay loving, they could ideally heal and be cleansed.

~Suzanne Wagner~



“The world could use more people who are interested in lifting up others, not only themselves.”

~ Christy Turlington Barnes

If we focused not on what we want but what would be for the greater good and then did that the world would be a much better place. There is a type of split that I see happening right now which is those who are feeling as if they want, need, and are entitled to something and those that want to create a world where we all work together for the earth and a more balanced society. The second comes with sacrifice which the first does not seem willing to do. Change is difficult and regardless of either side, each is going to have to compromise. My father taught me when I was a child that “You don’t always get what you want.” That is what you have to learn to deal with. Just because you think you want something and you believe that thing will make you happy does not mean it actually will. Often it is the selfless acts that others remember. It is when you do not put yourself first but you put others first and the earth first that you make a more lasting impression and have a greater impact. We forget that when we fall into our selfish and childish sides and behaviors. No one makes choices to make things worse. But making choices for selfish reasons often backfires on you because you see what you want to see and don’t see what is really right in front of you. We live in a world where people want to have their life be a fairy tale. In striving for that illusion, you choose situations that are exactly that, illusions. Each of us is being asked to look at the obvious truths being presented and not listen to the slants that placate you back into the mental state of slavery where you are a pawn in another game. The choice is always yours. These moments are often how we learn to step out of our narrow world and see a bigger perspective.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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