January 25, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/25/16
January 25th is the number 8. With the energy of the number 8 involved in this transition for Mercury to come out of retrograde and Mars being in Scorpio, expect conversations to be antagonizing and pushy today. An 8 day can cause you grief so pick your words carefully and know that people are feeling a bit on a short leash right now. Emotions are running high so don’t expect to get what you want instantly. Know that even with Mercury coming out of retrograde today we are still in the middle of a storm of astrology so things will be less than comfortable. Have the courage to believe in yourself and find hope wherever you can. The Moon is in Leo most of the day, until 10:47 PM EST, ending a void period that lasted just over a day. The Moon is fun and playful in the sign of Leo, and when the Moon leaves the sign to enter Virgo tonight you may feel a subtle shift of emotional focus towards work and health matters. Mercury turns direct this afternoon after almost three weeks of retrograde motion. Over the coming weeks, problems with communications and decision-making that you may have encountered while Mercury was retrograde should begin to clear up. You might be flooded with energies that are hard to make sense of as the change takes place today, so you might want to wait on the important decision-making things for today, as your thinking may not be as clear as you would like.
~Suzanne Wagner~



“Passion is when you crave the gifts another one or another thing has and you want to merge with that completely. And you want to dive into an abyss of sensation, whether that is sound, feeling, vision, taste, or smell, to loose yourself in the moment of pleasure the creates in your body. To cultivate passion you have to surrender the mind completely and run in the domain of the body.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Since today is a tricky day I thought I would shift everyone’s mind off of the complicated energy of the Mercury coming out of retrograde and the Moon coming out of being void of course and instead talk about passion. Hopefully this will be a fun mental distraction. Passion is a word that wakes you up to the infinite possibilities and expressions of joy. So today, what wakes you up to a passionate experience? Do you want to listen to music, dance, paint, or express your authentic self in a unique way? Then take the time to do it and have fun at the same time.
~Suzanne Wagner~

– Simone de Beauvoir; Image-Source: metalheadx-x, tumblr

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