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Numerology/Astrology for 12/5/2021

12/5/21 is the number = 13

Add the 1 + 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 13. 1 + 3 = 4.

This number 4 acknowledges that all life spins in various forms of balance and imbalance. But that we will again, reclaim a new balance as we learn to accommodate additional energies and patterns.
Growth is fully integrated when the new energy is able to be brought into a place of balance within a system.
So, when we have a new experience, at first it will generate imbalances that seem to topple our old patterns of symmetry. And for a while we are in a healing crisis where our energy seems out of alignment, and we feel confused, exhausted, and out of sorts. But as the new information slots into our old energy, a new spin and a new vibration finds a way to harmonize with our old patterns and through the integration becomes a greater, larger, and new pattern.
I point this out because we are clearly feeling this wobble on a global scale. We are all trying to integrate and adapt to a vastly shifting and expanding energy structure in our world.

And I have the greatest confidence that we will find a new pattern and a new way to flow into this accelerated spin.

Know that others are uncomfortable as they try to integrate this new modality of life. Give space and grace to others as they work to reclaim a better balance in their lives.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Astrology Today

The Moon leaps into the joyous and spiritual sign of Sagittarius and will shift in the morning into the more determined and responsible sign of Capricorn.
We are being brought into new awareness’s that are designed to help us change our viewpoint.
Mercury and Uranus will quintile helping us find original ways to communicate our ideas to others. It is a good day to explain technical stuff, as there is a more adaptive element in the day that activates our brain into places that can understand and comprehend better.
The Sun and Jupiter quintile and it makes us more confident in our thoughts. Today, problems seem to have obvious solutions.

Today is a day of strategy. It is helping that there is a Pluto/Mars sextile tomorrow giving us added incentive.

You may notice that timing is more important than ever.
Feel into the flow.
If you don’t know … then don’t go.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Brutality teaches the strongest to survive.

Intelligence arises when too much is denied.

Time moves forward into a future unknown.

It is a place where a soul learns what it is to be grown.

Cunning is a skill mastered because of a desire to win.

Overcoming the odds creates euphoria again and again.

~Suzanne Wagner~


We are in a place where the shifts come ever more rapidly to us. We are in a place where there is so much that shocks and astounds us.  Many forces are trying to bombard our psyche.

That is why I do my best to not watch the news or engage in massive debates on any subject.

What I know is that humanity is in an information overload. And that process is causing fear that is unnecessary and unhelpful in creating a world in which all of us want to live and thrive in.

The answers do not come from paying attention to the fear.

As they say in the Book, “Dune”, “Fear is the mind-killer”.

I am so clear why this movie is coming out now about this amazing book.

So often, an idea is brought out into the world but in a special moment in time, those concepts are critically important to the progression of a new mind/consciousness that is asking to be reintroduced into this world.

Having worked with many famous people in Hollywood, I know (because they have told me personally) how many in the movie industry recognize that they are here to help humanity evolve into a higher state of consciousness through their films.

They have told me that they know what they are here to do. Some believe that they are to create movies that open minds and hearts to a higher ideal of the human potential. And when the movie comes out… it is supposed to awaken those next souls that can and will help make that dream into a possibility.

They said, their only challenge was to make a movie that managed to have a powerful message but then somehow made money because the only way they could keep making such films was if their investors and shareholders were also making money off that film.

I read “Dune” when I was in my twenties, and it was a hard book for me to read back then. It hurt my heart how much treachery and death there was in that world. My tender heart could not understand that destructive element in the souls of so many.
But now, I understand.
I see the truth in that.
I see the many complex webs that terrible people weave in order to ensnare as many minds in fear as possible.
I see that they use fear as an energetic poison whose intention is to ensnare others into the choice of enslavement in order to survive.

If you have not picked those books back up again, I would suggest doing so. Because while the movie is awesome … what is amazing about the author are the intricate details of what is going on in the minds and magic that underlies truth and deception. It shows the level of cunning that infects some minds is a pervasive evil that feeds on the souls of others and the fears that they willfully infect them with in order to control them.

This author saw the infection that was multiplying in society and knew the outcome of such a pattern. Then he laid it out for us to see and experience in a book before we got there.

I often think that all writers, poets, artists, and musicians are the soothsayers of the world. They use their art to craft methods of telling the truth that can be received by the masses.
Metaphorical storytelling is the greatest method to show truth to vast numbers of mankind so they can awaken at a critical time and move as one mind towards a more constructive manifestation of humanities hidden potential.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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