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Numerology/Astrology for 12/6/17
12/6/17 is the number 10. There is a moment when your individual self becomes more important than anything. That is a powerful shift from worrying about others, the world, and the opinions of those whose mind is jumbled and blocked by distortion and lies. Those who stand in the honest search for truth and stand on the solid ground of right rather than wrong now come to the conclusion that you cannot save others from themselves and that karma and the suffering that selfish motives cost more than the individual. Therefore, there is a coming back to oneself and a rekindling of the respect for yourself that is manifesting again. That may make you walk alone. That may make your inner circle tighter but it will make a space for your power to come back into alignment with your core’s soul essence. That is essential. Only knowing who you are and the value you hold and give the world right now will support a more balanced world.

On Wednesday, Mercury aligns with Saturn, a combination that will dance together into January due to Mercury moving backwards and forwards in its retrograde cycle. This is a time to put your brain to practical use. Find a way to bring your ideas into the mundane world, giving them a workable form. This makes for a lot of conversation midweek. Retrograde Mercury returns to align with Saturn (Mercury first met Saturn on November 28th), and you may be revisiting a decision or perspective with new insight or information. This alignment tends to have the effect of forcing a reality, an answer, or a solution. Finally, there is a desire for more tangible results. Both Mercury and Saturn form a sextile to Mars today, and it is time to quickly get to the point and come to some decision or conclusion. It is easier to “walk your talk” and to put those ideas into motion. You feel productive and your ability to focus on priorities and appreciate traditional, reliable methods finally increases. You can be singularly focused on getting or seeing results. Traditional methods work, and thoroughness brings rewards. The Moon transits Cancer until 3:38 PM EST, forming a square with Uranus and then Mars before it leaves the sign. Matters of independence and partnership seem to clash with your need to stick with traditional ways and means. From 3:38 PM forward, the Moon is in Leo, stimulating your desire to reach out and share with others in heartfelt ways.
~Suzanne Wagner~



Meet me where love touches the earth.
Meet me where the rainbow shines bright.
Meet me where kindness is the norm.
Meet me where compassion is expected.
Meet me where you feel safe to tell the truth.
Meet me where your heart recognizes each soul.
Meet me where you are your true self.
Meet me where your ego is no longer in control.
Meet me on those sacred grounds
Meet me where your creative self expounds.
Meet me where you soul can sing.
Meet me where your spirit is free with wings.

~Suzanne Wagner~




This new tax law impacts businesses as follows: This is from Jim Anthony a person who prepares Income Tax Returns since 1994

“All business expenses are removed. No longer will items such as business cards, advertising, continuing education, travel expenses, business-related mileage, business phone, subscription services, accounting software, legal software, home office, tools, uniforms, and office supplies be deductible.
For example; Currently, an independent contractor carpenter who makes $30,000 and has $500 in business expenses pays tax on $25,000. Under the new law he would pay tax on the full $30,000. That would increase his tax burden by $1000.”
Call your Senators and Congressmen on this matter and make yourself heard. It will destroy small businesses and the middle class.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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