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Numerology/Astrology for 12/6/18


12/6/18 is the number 2. It is one thing to have discernment and to know what is true and not true. But quite another to no longer care. That seems to be the dilemma that we find ourselves in at this time in history. I am not sure how we got here but it is a conundrum. I know that people understand right from wrong, but we are in a uniquely dangerous time when quite a few no longer care. Now, I know that there are many that still do but my statement is about the balance of the power of truth that is in jeopardy. When morals collapse under justification and ridiculous logic and those arguments are taken in and not called out for the horrific fabrications that they are, I believe a society and this world is in grave danger. When we have a leader of a country that is clearly the mastermind of a murder and the whole world is not in uproar because of the power that this person has over others, then truth has no teeth and the consequences have minimal impact. Today, take a look at where you allow for lies and the places that you are still justifying another’s behavior. Notice where you do not call out a truth because of a fear that telling that truth might have dire consequences for yourself. I personally find truth more important than my comfort. But clearly that is not true of everyone. I would personally rather have some upsets and suffering over making sure there is more fairness in the world rather than buy into a lie that allows me great comfort, power, and prestige. Where do you stand in that duality? We are facing a time in the world where everyone of us must make some sacrifices in order to support life on this planet and a healthy world. I know where I stand in that duality. I see the duality clearly. I know where the line is for myself. And each of you will have to find that place also.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today


The Sagittarius New Moon is today and Mercury finally comes out of retrograde in Scorpio. Notice that the fire and water elements are very strong. In these moments it is a good idea to set goals and deadlines even when that might be difficult. Make sure the structure to get there are also sound and doable. The focus is on Sagittarius and Aries as the fire signs involved and Scorpio and Pisces as the water element signs. This is one of those moments when you feel like you might be chasing your tail, and, in the busyness, you may not get around to the projects that you wanted to accomplish. We are in the time of Sagittarius, a generous party sign. While you want to have a “good” time, you might want to pay attention to your budget and avoid over-committing yourself.

The New Moon challenges aggressive Mars which is in non-aggressive Pisces. Avoid agreeing to things that you just don’t want to do and be careful of sending mixed messages to people. You might find that you are taking too much or too little sleep. Do expect overly active dreams. Positively, bring forth your peaceful, spiritual warrior and speak your highest truth without the need for others to approve of you.

As Mercury turns direct, do not expect everything to right itself. Avoid big choices or decisions until later next week. You might feel a bit disoriented and you might find yourself at crossed wires with another. But slowly the confusion should clear up. Know that you’re thinking might be a bit off and your logic not so succinct. Notice but do not jump into help.

Mars and Neptune are going to align tomorrow. Mars is all about action and it moves with an intensity that helps you define who you are. Neptune is the power of the right brain, the creative mind, and the desire for a possibility. This combination can create a susceptibility to the words of others. In the game of gravitational pull, Neptune is much bigger than Mars and so the desire to believe what you believe pulls you into the actions that support those beliefs (whether they are true or not). Remember, your opinion is not fact. People have been used for thousands of years by those in power to do the actions that are illegal and immoral. Whipping the less educated into a frenzy that serves their purpose has been a ploy for control forever.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Consider your origins; you were not made to
live as brutes, but to follow virtue and
~Dante Alighieri~



Humanity can be a beast when it does not acknowledge its darker side.
That darkness leaches out into the world and descends upon the weaker souls.
Humanity can be an angel.
Bringing kindness and compassion when it is so desperately needed.
And what is most remarkable is that both of those live within each person.
A man or woman can be brutal to those they have deemed less worthy and treat others in horrific ways that are easily justified by the mind.
All the while, only to go home and to be the total and complete expression of a good parent to his or her children and to be generous, kind and good.
I marvel at how that is possible, yet witness it day after day as the reality.
We live in a world of duality and that duality is breathing us whether we recognize it or not.
People justify that they are okay and point to all the good they are doing, while at the same time they are blind to the suffering of their own child who is hiding in the basement, sleeping in the darkness of depression, unable to find the doorway back out into life.
Where lies the responsibility?
Where lies the choice to take action?
Where lies the truth to see what is happening right in front of them?
What has to be done to step beyond one’s own definition of the ego’s position that says that this child will be fine because I am a good parent doing what works for me?
All the while ignoring all the signs that this child is losing the battle with depression and the chemical imbalances that are inherited.
The denial of responsibility and accountability is where one projects your truth onto another that is clearly not working for them.
Love is about stepping beyond the tools that work for you and address what another needs.
That is what is real love.
All else is just an extension of your own perception and reality.
Another’s suffering is not about you at all.
It is not about whether you know and have tools.
It is not about whether you are good or not.
It is about doing what is necessary to help that person move through what is right in front of them, their way.
We wish to share our truth and experiences.
But a great person, steps onto the path that someone else needs and leaves their own tools and traditions behind when it is clearly determined that what you have learned is no longer adequate for another’s journey home.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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