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Numerology/Astrology for 12/7/19

12/7/19 is the number 4.  Where there is balance, co-existence, and harmony is where you find Spirit. The Divine works through the organic flows in life. It is human minds that create corruption and chaos. But beyond the mind is the soul that is connected to a greater truth and flow. That is what is asking for you to connect too at this time. There is more than all this doing and striving. There is more that can be done than is being done. Many are being called to show up and make a difference is various ways that want to help this world. Support those that want to help and serve this world. Do not tear down the emissaries for goodness in the expression of your own anger and hopelessness. Protect those that want to turn dysfunction into alignment with the greater good. That will give you peace and balance.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in Aries making all things moving directly towards any upsets or conflicts. There is courage in an Aries Moon. It is willing to do what others may not want to do. It is willing to stir the muddy water and get to the bottom of things. Such a direct and aggressive approach is not always appreciated by others. But in the right circumstances can get a job done that others are not willing to confront.

The Moon squares Pluto adding to that driving force of Aries. Expect some people to get heated under the collar and expression of that anger might feel good in the moment. Just remember that you can express anger and not hurt or harm others. I prefer to do this when I am alone and in my car. Funny how many people will not bother you in your car. It is like a private cocoon where you can talk things out without people thinking you have lost your mind. Just remember to park the car. Driving at the same time is not advised. LOL!

The Sun-Neptune square is beginning to be felt and while the Moon in Aries prefers a direct approach, this makes you go around problems and take the longer path with less conflict. You might want to lash out and then change your mind and just move forward in a way that seems less combative. You might feel disorganized and impractical. Drains on energy are all over the place. The universe seems to keep asking for one more bit of energy from you. This is that moment when I ask for spiritual help and energy. Sometimes I just can’t do it all myself. You will be amazed at how much energy you will get if you ask from a sincere heart and open spirit. Some things are not measuring up to our standards. Know you cannot control everyone and everything. Confront what is not real and let go of thinking others need approval from you. Let them do what they will and you do what your conscience tells you to do also. Every path is different and all lead to the same place.

More spirit needs to be integrated into our choices and decisions. The goodness of our soul needs to find a voice to speak out to the struggle and hate in the world.

Be careful driving because there are many distractions in the world right now. Lead with kindness.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The strongest people are those
that never lose their inner self’s
desire to be expressed in the world.
The strongest souls just continue
to look for another way.
The strongest spirits seek to do right
without needing acknowledgment.
The strongest beings on this planet
know that good does not always win.
But good never stops trying.
There are those that believe when
you remove a person that is trying
to do good, that they have won.
But winning in the larger scheme
of things is not gaged that way.
Goodness is not trying to win.
It is trying to awaken, be
rekindled, and be remembered.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Hate should be obvious but it is often disguised.
To some it is plain to see and right in front of their eyes.
Others have lived lives hiding behind justification of their fears.
And those cannot see how their choices have caused hurt and tears.
So they believe the projection that another is kind and good.
When they should see behind their disguise and hood.
But if you have not owned up to your own suffering and pain.
You will support the continued manipulation for personal gain.
In this world the wounds that have been hidden under so much grime.
Are being revealed as global atrocities and crimes.
Only the raw truth and acceptance of what really is.
Will allow any healing to happen and a shift of analyses.
It has been proven that you cannot see,
What you have not owned or experienced to some degree.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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