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Numerology/Astrology for 12/8/17
12/8/17 is the number 3. This crazy roller-coaster just continues on and it is crystal clear to everyone that the politics will never stop while this avoidance of truth with no consequences administration and Congress continues to function. I wish there was perhaps any compromise but if there was it would not be so obvious to everyone and the world of the terrible dysfunction that is destroying the world right now. With this energy, a bright light of clarity is shining on all the horror that is inflicted by people in power with no consequence to their actions. Use this energy to get mad and to make big changes to how you relate to the world. It is only the fury that will create the shifts that will be necessary to move towards a world that we all want to live in.
On Friday at 3:09 PM Pacific Time, Mars moves into deep feeling Scorpio until late January. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you can push through problems like a locomotive train. The Moon spends much of the day (until 6:10 PM EST) in the sign of playful, spirited Leo, harmonizing with Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus, and facilitating communication and the generation of useful ideas. The first half of the day is good for doing some thinking on love or creative matters. The Moon’s transit of Virgo from 6:10 PM forward, encourages you to have a more orderly approach to life. Venus is in minor square to Uranus, however, stimulating unusual attractions (to people and things) that might prompt you to act on a whim. You may deal with freedom versus closeness issues in your relationships. Relationships or finances can be unpredictable. With Mars about to change signs as well, be careful of making poor and hasty decisions. Changes now can create fresh opportunities, however, that can add to your sense of joy and freedom. The Moon is in Virgo this weekend, so you get all your errands and practical tasks completed. It is a great time for your “Honey-Do” list.

~Suzanne Wagner~



The sad eyes of humanity look out
on the destructive power of corruption.
The horrified screams
are muffled and silenced
by the lies
of the dangerous,
powerful and greedy.
Those who have no compassion
sit in their golden towers
of entitlement.
Their wanton destruction of life
on the sacrificial mound
of their money god
is the warning
of a dying society.

~Suzanne Wagner~




There is a moment when democracy dies.
When life matters not and humanity cries.
There is a moment when evil thrives.
When truth does not matter and lies survive.
There is a moment when you lose the thread.
When your heart is ignored in favor of heads.
There is a moment when you cannot take back.
When you are too late to stop the attack.
There is a moment when suffering is the fate.
When all you know is not enough to abate.
There is a moment when choosing complacency is to die.
When you have not the courage to denounce the lies.
There is a moment when time stands still.
When you watch your life’s journey become a swill.
There is a moment when you fall into the dark.
When you un-choose freedom in the face of a monarch.
There is a moment when destruction is near.
When you look outside at all that you fear.
There is a moment when what matters most.
Is given a poison in a lethal dose.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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