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Numerology/Astrology for 12/8/19

12/8/19 is the number 5.  There is much work ahead. Try to not get overwhelmed with all the steps along the way. Do what is right in front of you. No, you are not where you want to be but you are taking the steps that will eventually get you there. Sometimes you have to start small and allow something to build up. Sometimes that small thing is sincerity and receptive honesty. While many want quick fixes, there are now many more that are not believing in those that say whatever to hook others. Believing in something needs to be grounded in reality. Take care of your health. There is much at stake and on the line at the moment. Your health is very important to getting through trying times.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Early Sunday morning when most are sleeping, the Sun will challenge Neptune. That could make your dreams fascinating. Notice where you need to make some life adjustments? Are you living up to your purpose? Are you helping others? Old illusions can shatter as you see past the things you are being fed and into the essence of what is right. Emotions are intense and attachments may feel short lived.

Mercury is finally leaving its shadow period from the retrograde cycle that happened in November. You might finally feel that you can communicate in a more expansive way and the higher philosophy of your life now wants to lead. Be generous to others. Many are hurting.

The Moon moves into the comfort sign of Taurus. Security is very important and you are here  to bring more joy and pleasure into the lives of those you love.

The Moon trines Jupiter and this feels good on all social levels. There is a positive attitude and a pull towards a life that reflects optimism and connection.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus and this can make you feel as if you are lacking some sort of rational balance. Be careful around new love connections.

Venus in Capricorn sextile Neptune continues to make you sensitive and susceptible to many artistic influences. There is a potential emotional trap around choices make from a purely sensual place. Let your enthusiasm fill your life with hope.

The Jupiter—Chiron square may make you question what you believe. You want more meaning and understanding in your life. You are challenged to express ideas that reflect your essence. The visions and plans for your future are not clear but they are evolving forward. If something does not serve you, it will not manifest.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Self-respect does not
start with others.
It starts with yourself.
When you respect yourself
you will be able to respect
When you do not
respect others, you will
constantly look to
pull others down.
~Suzanne Wagner~

You will never make it
to any goal if you care
a lot about what
others think.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Do you notice where you need to push aside what you feel for another and instead pay attention to what their actions say about what they actually feel for you?
How often have your cared deeply for someone and finally woke up to the understanding that their actions are always about them, what they want, and really nothing about you?
The world does not need you to be perfect, rich, or beautiful.
It only needs you to care.

~Suzanne Wagner~

People have a lot of opinions
about the lives and experiences
of those that they have
never experienced.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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