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Numerology/Astrology for 1/28/20

1/28/20 is the number 6. If you add the 1 +2 + 8 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 = 15.  1 + 4 = 6.

Quiet heals so many things in the mind. The mind wants to find ways to avoid the truth of the physical world. The mind wants to distract you from feeling and what is really happening. It is always the mind that tries to lie. And while that is helpful in moments, eventually everyone is confronted with some sort of suffering or pain that brings them to their knees and you cannot avoid the reality any longer with the mind.

That is this moment.

The number 6 is about stillness. The wisdom that comes when you just accept and sit with what is. The moment when you recognize that the mind will continue to generate chaos to avoid the truth. And you see that avoidance serves nothing. Sitting in the misery of truth is a hard lesson for everyone.

Sitting with terrible pain is something that everyone will experience at some point in this life. But when you realize that the pain is happening to your physical body and while that may show you what you are not dealing with emotionally. You also recognize that your soul that is inhabiting this body is not really associated with the body.

There is a place to sit with your soul and observe the pain. Then you let go of the emotions that the pain has been hiding and you discover that you are not the pain. You are simply having an experience of pain. And if you have trouble letting it go, you are attached in some way to an opposite experience of yourself. In that moment you can recognize that the pain is showing you a truth that your mind does not want to accept.

Once you can accept that as a possibility and that you human body is going through a process, you can allow that process to happen without grasping, avoiding, or overlaying meaning onto that momentary experience. That is why training yourself in being able to sit and reflect in the silence and learn to not place so much importance on the mind is extremely helpful. Begin today to step back and observe without making a story about something. Allow it to be and see what you might discover.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Ambitious Mars comes into play again early Tuesday morning making his square to Neptune. The summary of all these words is that values, relationships, and ambitions are being tested now to decide what is real and what is an illusion. Such moments want to push unstable people to extremes. Feelings that are difficult to satisfy seem to lack substance. You want to blame others for things going wrong.

The Moon squares Mars in Sagittarius and it can make some of you excited and others testy. Disagreements continue to threaten global and financial stability. Be careful to not waste money or repress emotions. But always be kind.

The Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune contributing to this ongoing exhaustion. You want to stay in bed because the continued global imbalances are weakening your reserves. You may feel nervous and feel deeply lonely.

With the Moon conjunct Venus you might be feeling especially sensitive and in dire need of someone to care.

The Moon in Pisces sextile Pluto making those emotions reflective and sentimental. It is a good day to get outside. Sometimes you just need to do something different than your routine.

The Moon sextile Saturn in Capricorn making your movement careful and deliberate.

Today might feel abrupt, rebellious, and unpredictable. You might feel easily distracted and restless. All forms of change feel better and break up the redundancy that your life feels it has become. You may not really understand what you want or need. There is a desire for something intangible and that makes fulfilling that need difficult.

~Suzanne Wagner~


I look to the innocence of my youth.

The freedom and infinite possibilities

that I was able to express and discover.

I wish for everyone to have such a

moment to just be who and

what they desire to become.

Never let anyone define your potential.

Never let a government tell you what is true.

Never stop reaching out and helping others.

Never let your heart stop caring.

~Suzanne Wagner~


The experience of pain is so often associated or connected to the unresolved past life suffering and the labels we placed on it to find meaning in such terrible times. The problem is that those meanings may not always be right. Those that say to themselves that they must be a bad person because they are suffering right now are doing a form of torture to themselves with their own mind. Life is about suffering. That is one of the first premises in Buddhism. The experiences of various forms of pain are a part of life. Sometimes the mind and ego overlay distorted meanings on those moments and if they are false, it is possible to carry them forward lifetime after lifetime. I have personally experienced past life flashes that are very traumatic from being willing to sit with the pain in a moment. When you do not run away from what is, when you accept this moment and feel into the voices speaking inside the pain, you discover the beliefs that you have placed on top of that suffering and can finally recognize them as false. That one understanding frees the pain from the grasping of the body and mind and you feel that energy dissipate off the body. Then you are left with an awareness that the body is going through a process to let go of emotions that are not allowing your full self to be here now. Pain is the excuse the mind has manifested to avoid seeing and becoming the truth that you are.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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