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Numerology/Astrology for 12/9/17
12/9/17 is the number 4. When life seeks its own balance and nature calls to point out what mankind has pushed too far out of the realm or alignment the world shows us by bringing nature phenomenon strongly into our world. The world right now is showing us something strongly. The question is will be listen. Now I know that a majority are listening but there are those out of balance inside that have the power on the outside to put fingers in their ears and choose to listen to their own thoughts over the raging of Mother Earth. I don’t worry though because Mother Earth is more powerful than any of those egomaniacs and she will ultimately win. It is the cost that concerns me in the long run and of the many that will suffer because of a few that would not listen.
The Moon spends the day in helpful, earnest Virgo. Mars enters Scorpio this morning and will transit the sign for just under seven weeks (until January 26th). In Scorpio, Mars is driven and focused on getting what it wants! Expect those around you to be persevering and single-minded under this influence. The emotional depth is pulling you deeper than you have ever gone before and is compelling you to penetrate the surface of life to explore deeper levels of existence. Question what you think you know. Question what you believe. Then ask if it serves the greater whole of life. If it does then follow that pathway. If not change your direction and path. What others tend to repress is bubbling to the surface. You want to experience and understand these things. You can no longer avoid important issues now. There is a feeling of something coming and unfortunately there are those that are attracted to crisis looming in our future. The emotional impact is one of such extremes that everyone is feeling a bit PTSDish. As this cosmic awakening is happening more and more people seem to want to feel the extreme emotions. Mediocrity or the “middle road” seems unsatisfying, unfulfilling, and represents a type of placating that is associated with the past that got us into this mess. When you are awake, (even with the intensity of the emotions), you feel more ready to nurture others and thinking progressively. Congratulations you are not in a box. And now there is a type of shocked awakening happening as if you awoke from a long sleep into a fully waging war. Today, this Venus-Neptune square might try to convince you that happiness is outside of yourself (which it is not) and something to pursue rather than create (which again is an illusion created by Neptune. Avoid speculative ventures, purchases, and promises now. Lines can blur when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure, money matters, and relationships. You might be able to can convince yourself to believe what you want to believe but it would be wrong.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Let people feel the weight of who you are
and let them deal with it.

~John Eldridge~




Liberty means responsibility.
That’s why most men dread it.

~Bernard Shaw~


Everything alive has a soul. Everything… Including the trees and flowers. Yes, all things here are evolving and learning how to become more complex and capable of doing more things. So, all life deserves respect.


Part of evolution is in understanding the laws of action and consequences. The more you understand that principal the more you must ask for forgiveness when you are wrong or when your genetic history has passed down a false piece of information. It is up to each of us to unravel the lies that have been perpetuated in our genetic line and ask forgiveness. That is how you learn to move forward with more conscious awareness.


In studying my genetic line, there are so many interesting things. The bad is that one side of my Kinslow line went back to Kentucky from the 1700’s and it is clear that they owned slaves. So, I formally apologize for my family’s participation in the suffering of others. And send love out to all those whose have experienced a lack of compassion and understanding from my ancestors. I am sure there are more of those but at this moment we can only go so far back.


Fortunately, I also know that in my genetic line that I am 18% Eastern Asian and that makes it from the 1800’s when both sides of my family worked on the railroads so someone must have married a Chinese worker on the train lines. There seems to be this “family secret” from that time where the information is sketchy. Is seems to be like that because someone wanted to hide the fact that I am from an early integrated family.


I am proud of that.


I am proud of my family that tried to break down barriers.


I am proud of my Great Grandmother who was an Oklahoma Sooner. She had lost her husband to a railroad coupling accident and then lived on the trains for 3 years feeding the trainmen to save money for her children to claim land in the Oklahoma territories. By herself she took 3 children in a covered wagon across the line and set up her property along the place where a train stop would be build and she built a small hotel for the trainmen with her bare hands and her children. When I get down on myself, I think of her kicking me in the ass and telling me that she did not go through all that for me (her great granddaughter) to collapse in the face of a challenge.


I also have another Great Grandmother who at the age of 13 got on a boat to go to America from Ireland. She went to New York by herself and figured out how to make her way and her life.


Remember, that you have ancestors that you are proud of and others that you know have perhaps not been the best and most kind of souls. Own it all. Love it all and forgive all that needs to be forgiven. Ask for forgiveness because all that your ancestors have done and been is in your genetic code. You are here to awaken and become the best version of your genetic makeup that is possible in this life.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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