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Numerology/Astrology for 12/9/18

12/9/18 is the number 5. What makes your life remarkable and worthwhile? Today, do more of that! None of us ever know when we are going to be leaving this world and you might as well follow the joy and wonder that you feel in life and connect as deeply as you can with others that allows for safety and compassion to be the guiding principles. Life is not about getting but giving to others in ways that truly serve them. Some people believe that others can save them. But you cannot save anyone but yourself. You can support others in moving in the directions that you believe serve their highest good but even that may be not true for another. Often, we only know what worked for us. And until we move beyond the old places of consciousness, we will project what we got, learned, and needed onto others, we cannot really serve another with what they really need and want. A person, who is a real healer, is one that can step beyond their own experience, step into another person’s reality, view their path from their perspective and then give them guidance into that particular journey. There are many crooked pathways to enlightenment and no one will go the same way. But if you cannot step beyond what you believe is right for another then you should step back from imposing your projection onto them also. When you can feel beyond yourself and your own agenda and you are willing to allow that person their own experience, then you have the capacity to really help them. I know that everyone wants to share from their deepest heart. But some cannot receive that and are not ready to be fully present with the gifts offered. I think of this time in the season as the perfect metaphor for how to move. You put your gifts in a lovely box, leave it, and just walk away. When you do not have an attachment to if someone gets the gift or not then you allow someone to receive that gift to the level of their own awareness. When you do not project your expectation on them, people can and will naturally grow at their own time and in their own way.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

Sunday, we continue the weekend theme of tending to practical projects under a down to earth Capricorn Moon. Take that resolve and become more goal oriented to get things done. Use that determination to head straight up that hill and conquer what is there for you at this time.

Chiron finally turns direct after being retrograde since the beginning of July. Expect to feel more emotionally vulnerable. Notice the things that really matter and that you have been feeling a bit confused by. The murky waters may start to clear. Truth is never comfortable, but it is there to motivate you into appropriate action.

Mercury and Chiron formed a trine a few days ago and while both Chiron and mercury were retrograde. Now they connect in the forward position allowing your mind to open and to help you focus in ways that are more unifying and that allow for a larger world view.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Be not afraid of growing
slowly, be afraid only of
standing still.”
~Chinese Proverb~



There have been many moments in my life where I felt frozen, stuck, and a place inside was too terrified to move. Those moments I felt as if my soul was battling my ego. My ego wanted to “stay safe” and my soul said that a safe life was not going to cut it. My ego was great a making fears seem larger than life and the possible could be contemplated to the point that my mind believe it to be impossible. But those battles perhaps make you feel as if you are losing but there is a difference between a battle and a war. In the long run, the soul always wins the war. Though that war might be a long-fought one. Because growth is the only way. Change and risk are the only way through this density. And you cannot learn how to trust something beyond yourself if you do not dream and reach towards those seemingly impossible goals.

~Suzanne Wagner~


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