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Numerology/Astrology for 12/9/19

12/9/19 is the number 6.  If everyone would take a moment each day and reflect kindly on the previous day’s choices and actions, then change could happen more gracefully. We live in a forward driven society. And while that makes us innovative it does not always make us kind and compassionate. It is in the reflection of the number 6 that we take time to really look at the decisions and choices of our past and the impact of those choices, in not just our lives but the lives of others. That is how we learn deep lessons of empathy and care.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon spends all day in Taurus and it might be tough to get up and get out of those pajamas after wanting to spend all day in them on Sunday. But up and out almost everyone must go. Be careful to not overspend with this moon.

The bigger news is that Mercury goes into Sagittarius where it will remain until December 28th. Your mind expands and you are curious and questioning around some new and very brave ideas. Your optimism increases and you feel a bit better. While your precision and attention to detail might not be as strong at lease your mind is open and experiencing new wonders. Thoughts flit (like a bird) from one philosophy to another.

The Moon and Neptune sextile. You are facing challenges and create personal development on some new and potentially higher levels. Your intuition and determination are equally matched today.

The Moon trine Venus. You look to something that seems promising. Emotions are running but at the moment they are joyful and family oriented.

The Moon trines Saturn. You are getting organized and your feel as if others can count on you. You feel as if you are deliberately working towards some new and helpful circumstances.

The Moon Trines Pluto allowing for a vulnerability and tenderness to show. You are changing. While that feels a bit out of your control. It does feel much better.

Mercury is heading in the direction of a trine to Chiron, and that makes healing methods more effective and a more holistic approach to your next level of growth possible.
~Suzanne Wagner~


“Men fight for
liberty and win it
with hard knocks.
Their children
brought up easy,
let it slip away
again, poor fools.
And their grand-
children are once
more slaves.”
~D.H. Lawrence~


My great religion is a belief in the blood,
the flesh, as being wiser then the intellect.
We can go wrong in our minds. But what
our blood feels and believes and says, is
always true. The intellect is only a bit and
a bridle.
~D.H. Lawrence~

We live in a world where humanity
believes it is so smart.
But there is knowledge that is beyond
the cognitive knowing that
is learned from books and classes.
Life attempts to teach us constantly.
Nature is always whispering.
But very few ever listen.
Knowledge without experience
can be used to enslave others to a cause.
Especially when they do not trust
the deeper knowing of the instinct
nor feel into the natural flow that is life.
When knowledge and instinct
come together, they make an
unstoppable force that allows
for discernment and clarity.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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