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Numerology/Astrology for 1/3/19

1/3/19 is the number 7. In the face of the unknown the number 7 arrives to attempt to make maps in the creative chaos that is life, intuition, and love. Those three energies are like in the Star Trek Movies where they use “Protomatter” to solve problems to creating life. And while it is unstable and unpredictable it is the only way to manage the powerful creative energies that create and maintain life. That is why the number 7 comes in to attempt to map the patterns of the right brain and bring some structure to the things that seem to be unsolvable. They can be solved but not using the old structures and systems. When we learn to follow the intuition not just our logical mind. We are all being asked to notice more and more subtle realms. Living on the surface of life will never give you the deeper answers you seek. Many people who finally have enough money, recognize that after you have what you need to survive, the only thing left to do is spiritual work. The world is calling out to those that hold keys to spiritual awakening to stand up and shift the focus of this world out of selfishness and into consciousness and compassion.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today

The Moon continues in Sagittarius, encouraging you to embrace the adventure of your life and bring new ideas and experiences into your life.

Mercury forms a square to Chiron and then a trine to Uranus. What is lovely about this aspect is that things, insights, and new ways of seeing things can come to you instantly. It is a feeling of a cosmic download. Watch for those original thoughts that lead to increased confidence in your life. It can sometimes trigger others as you see beyond their facade and into another glitch of their personality and quirks.

Communications can be a bit difficult as you are perceiving things emotionally in others and you can see their insecurities.

Remember that insights often come in clear as a bell, but they conflict with our ow preexisting beliefs making it hard to decide on a course of action. If your intuitive insight is for the good of many then follow that new impulse. Truth while it can stir the pot and initially create upset, ultimately allows you to step beyond the distorted beliefs and into authentic expression.

The answers you seek are now not the obvious ones. You need to up level your consciousness and allow your mind to explore what has not yet been explored. That is the way to greater insight and peace.
~Suzanne Wagner~


Your visions will become clear
only when you can look into your own heart.
Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakes
~Carl Jung~



Maturity is learning to gracefully walk away from situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals, or self-worth.


I have a simple line that I hold. It is the line of truth that is honest, direct, and kind. So many do not understand that. They hold so many triggers inside that they are unaware of. And unconsciously they need to find and blame others for the beliefs that they have attached to and have become their hard and fast opinions.

You can tell the truth and not lash out and put others down.

Facts are facts, but that seems to be completely forgotten in this strange world of opinions.

People are human. Humans make mistakes. But humans that do not own up to their own inner hatred, bigotry and anger, hurt others by getting triggered by something small and magnifying it out of proportion.

If you look deeply, all great people have made mistakes and choices. That is how they learned their own personal line and values. Once you make a mistake you will often work to never make that mistake again.

But others love to point out that mistake and use it as a weapon to pull you down and off some pedestal that they imagine you are on.

In my world there are no pedestals. There is only the sharing of truths and concerns. I work every day to notice inside myself what are my personal opinions and what are actual facts that allow for a clear and concise expression of truth to be shared.

Now there are those that do not like the truth and then will tell you that your truth is an opinion.


At the end of the day, videos of press conferences with many cameras do not lie. And these days that is what is needed to deal with those in complete denial and delusion.

But what is intolerable are those people who take obviously good and kind people and then attempt to find (by any means) a reason to tear them down. Such people are cruel in their hearts and need to take a look inside at what is causing such a distortion. These types of actions at this time in history are highly destructive to finding a way to make a better world.

Why not look to what someone seems to be putting out a majority of the time and recognize that this is a completely flawed human that is trying very hard in very challenging circumstances to uplift and give help and support from a selfless angle?

Why is it that humanity cannot stand it when someone does not perfectly fit into a mold of perfection that is unrealistic, so that then they feel it is some sort of power play by them to show that this person is WRONG? And the person often doing it is not even remotely to the accused person’s level.

If you do not put yourself out there in a big way, be kind to those attempting to straighten the very crooked road that our world is presently on. There are many right now that have everything on the line. Their reputation, their business, their very lives.
I have friends in the journalism area that have hundreds of hate mails a day threatening their lives. This is not okay. It needs to stop. You can state the facts and let is sit. Your opinion is often not needed or necessary. And you can respond with more facts and kindness. Everyone is capable to share ideas without the hatred and vitriol that is happening in the world. I know there is kindness in each person. I know there are deep hearts out there. I ask you all to speak from your heart first.
~Suzanne Wagner~


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