January 3, 2016

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Numerology/Astrology for 1/4/16
January 4th is the number 5. Sensuality, sexuality is what life is all about. From the beginning to the end of life, it is all about following the things that inspire your inner passion to expand into the external world. The process of passion forces you to be more and more grounded. To be in passion you have to be experiencing something in the body. Body is why we are all here. We are here to melt our spirit into the liquid realms of earth. We are here to find all the flows in life. We are here to learn how to become one with the energies of our deepest nature. The number 5, which is all about body is going to compliment the Moon is in Scorpio all day. You get to dive deeply into an unknown realm if you are willing to allow the flow within you to take precedence over your mind. The Scorpio Moon harmonizes with Neptune, the Sun, and Pluto today, giving you a strong desire to get in touch with your deeper feelings, as well as to explore deeper levels of situations and people around us. You will be attracted to transformative and emotionally exciting situations. Scorpio’s energy is provocative, passionate, strong-willed, healing, and intense so this may be a time when you can be feel driven, determined, and decisive. You may be a little secretive or reserved but also ready to compromise if it serves your purposes. Today you can get clarity about where you are really going and the bigger purpose of your life, although with Mercury nearing its retrograde station, exact tomorrow morning, you should watch that you are not putting too much energy into the wrong things. It’s also important to avoid impulsive speech and movement.
~Suzanne Wagner~

Flowers in her hair. Demons in her head. Madness in her mind. Love in her soul. Storm in her heart.

I spent so much time in my life moving passion in many directions. My favorite when I was young was through dance. It was such a lovely way to feel the energy from others watching you and then utilize that energy as it moved through me and transform the bigger energy and expectations of an audience into a gift from my heart outwards to them. That to me is passion. The ability to allow greater and greater forces of life and nature to move into you, collect within you, and the gift them outwards in a new form that serves all. There is really nothing like performing from that standpoint. Now, as my energy has matured, softened, been allowed through internal acceptance, permission, and self love, I have been able to shift that energy into an even more powerful place within my own inner and outer expression of my sexuality. Now, not only have I learned how to really receive the love that is given to me in an intimate setting but I have learned how I can hold that love and how that love can transform my wounding from my life and past lifetimes. The energy still moves outward but from the place of my own healing and wholeness. From my own awareness and acceptance of my responsibilities of how I constructed this life and these patterns, I can give an even bigger gift to the universe, life, and others, though it is often much more subtle, less flashy, and yet much more deeply profound.
~Suzanne Wagner~

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