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Numerology/Astrology for 1/4/21

1/4/21 is the number = 10.

Add the 1 + 4 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 10.
And we begin again. We can create a world where anything is possible. It is up to us. I believe that until we harness this power of unified acceptance and love that real magical powers will be held back from human consciousness. They must be…because of the destructive tendency of human nature. Self-control must be learned and compassion a requirement before such gifts and powers can be unleashed in this world again. But they are there and their rear their heads up from time to time. In dreams. In visions. In moments of balance and clarity. And it is one of those moments today. But without grounding, a stable core, and a heart that is stronger in the domains of “right and wrong” than ego to make sense out of these special moments in time.

Today, notice, listen, write down the dreams, seek out that which is hidden. Learn to work with those layers within the deepest core. Dispel self-importance and give ego nothing to feed upon.

~Suzanne Wagner~

Astrology Today  

The Moon drives our inner perfectionist while it is in Virgo. Notice that there is a deep feeling of success when we fix that thing that have been broken or bothering us.

Jupiter semi-squares Neptune and our innate idealism is in full swing. We might see new places for inspiration and advancement.

It is time to ban the unrealistic and inflated ego perceptions. We cannot heal everyone or take anyone through the door other than our self. Once we are through the door and only then, can we hold a doorway open for other people to choose as an option and be that guiding inspiration to step out of the karmic suffering and into their potential. Our way it not another’s path. Try to simply be a light that inspires those that can see … to seek out truth.

Never minimize the essential steps and details that will be necessary going forward. Be ruthless in our perception of self-deception.

But notice when the ego will try to jump into even that good intention. Remove insistence and petulant “childish” demands on our self and the universe. They will not work, especially at this time.

While there are often hidden meanings in things it is essential to not go too far because this will cause dangerous obsession and paranoid thinking that will become manipulative if allowed to continue. Do not get into a battle of words. Use the tension to motivate us to make useful, grounded, and stabilizing choices.

Monday evening can help us ground our ideas and bring them back down to earth. If we don’t do that we may just feel mentally overloaded and want to avoid the hard truth right in front of us.

~Suzanne Wagner~



Be ruthless
in your perception
of self-deception..
Dispel self-importance
and give ego nothing
to feed upon.

~Suzanne Wagner~


Do you ever wonder why we are so fascinated with magical movies with hidden super-human powers? Do you ever wonder why we dream and in those dreams we discover that we can fly and that we have other magical attributes?

I believe that the evolution of mankind is older than we want to believe. And that there were times when the gravitational field on this earth was less dense and easier to manipulate.

But what happened?

As in all great stories some sort of calamity occurred and the earth’s gravity became more dense (an actual scientific fact that was discover a few decades ago) and for some reason we lost touch with those “powers” and magical skills that became suppressed.
But hidden in our deep subconscious, in our very DNA …. Something remembers. And consistently reminds us of that latent hidden potential that is there waiting and watching, guiding and inspiring us to act in accordance with divine law and to become better, more honest, more inspired, and more aware.

But great power is only given when a soul has learned how to be unconditionally loving and to use that power for the greater good.
And therein lies the problem. It is about understanding that when great things are given, great responsibility is required.

Somehow, we still have egos so strong that they get caught up in “having power over…” and that is not what it is about.

I cannot tell you how many people I personally know that encountered something within them, healing powers, telepathic powers, intuitive powers etc. But inevitably someone or themselves got too puffed up and full of ego and manipulated those powers not for the greater good but for personal gain. And once that began, the powers also began to diminish. Until they disappeared altogether.

I understand that it is human nature to want to capitalize and monetize in our culture of greed. The “haves” and “have-nots” are constantly battling it out. But when “essential” goodness is thrown away in favor of “Power” and the “Almighty Dollar”, it is a travesty and a deep loss of the innate human potential.

While I do not expect this to change in my lifetime, I hope to plant seeds that will be out there to cultivate the types of hearts that feed the souls of those that see the path and are willing to walk it.

~Suzanne Wagner~



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